29 September 2011

Philofaxy Meet Up - First Impressions - Imy - All Stars Guest Post

The delightful Imy has done a post about her first ever Philofaxy Meet-Up

The lovely Steve (or Filofax King as I call him) has let me write this guest post for my first impressions of a Philofaxy Meet up, as it was my first time. I WAS A PHILOFAXY MEET UP VIRGIN!

So before I went I was very nervous but so excited, the whole way I was trying to think about what the meeting was going to be like, how everyone would find me, as I’m a quiet shy person (online I am very loud bubbly and proud, but not in real life).

First of all I had to find everyone at the station, I forgot there was 3 WH Smiths at Paddington, and we were all waiting at a different one, it took some time to find each other. I think better organisation next time!

I was so nervous about meeting the girls, I knew what Diane looked like properly as we had been on Skype with each other so I felt a little less nervous about meeting her but Tali and CP I was more nervous, and first impressions where how beautiful all 3 of them where!

I had all these mad ideas of the meet up not really knowing what to expect on the tube journey!

We finally got to Café 2, It was bazaar just to see all my twitter friends there in person with FILOFAXES!!!

People were surprised at my quietness as expected, but I was just so amazed that all these Filofax people were in one place.

The walk was so lovely as I got to chat to more people as I walked along, I got to chat lots to CP which was great as I really wanted to chat to her! I expected the walk to be a lot shorter!

I really feel as if I have made good friends! The sort you dream of!

The shop was not as expected, it looked so cute and small I loved the shop and Dee. I got a hug off Dee!!! I felt very privileged!

If anyone is shy and is thinking of going to a meet up you have too!!!!!!!!!

I am going to the next one in November, which I’m just as excited about I get too meet a lot of new people!!

I think the only thing that would make the meeting better is, for the time to stop so you get to chat to everyone for 4 hours each! But that’s obviously impossible, and also to have a few thousand pounds with you (I wanted to buy all the Filfoaxes)!

Steve’s advice of taking a list is very important! Listen to it!

Thank you Imy


  1. what a fab post!!!! i can't wait until November!!!!!!

  2. Hi Imy,

    thank you this great post! I know the feeling since it was only my second meet up.

    It was great meeting you in real life. And I wish you a lot of fun in November!

    Hope to see you again at another meet up,

  3. Oh no, I'm on another course in November! Would really love to meet up with you lovely people some time :)

  4. hihi i love this post.
    so cute. and never imagined YOU as a shy person.

  5. yayyy!! I'm going to the November meet-up too, I'm so looking forward to meeting you and everyone else! :D

  6. Hi Imy, great post. My first time I felt sick I was so nervous. It was lovely to meet you but we didn't get time to chat properly, maybe next time? I would love to see your Amazona. ;)