10 September 2011

Web Finds 10 September 2011

I'm pleased you love reading all these posts I keep finding.... here are some more!


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    2. Loved the post this week about the Urban as a wallet. I love my new Urban wallet so much, that I have bought a second, to store away for when this one wears out. Thank goodness for Filofax sales!! I have added a financial month by month section, to keep an eye on my spending and to try to reduce it downwards where possible.... especially the supermarket shop. I have added a little button sticker to the button closure. Small enough to still see the words Filofax, but to protect the button paint from scratching with use. Used some shiny metallic stickers I have had for ages, from Paperchase. Does the job beautifully!!

    3. I just wanted to thank you for linking to my blog last year! I never realised that you had until just this morning when trying to work out why people were coming to my blog from yours.

      I'm looking forward to reading philofaxy again now that you've reminded me of your existance, I forgot how much I loved it :)