19 September 2011

Filofax Sweden

I've not been paying attention, which is bad of me I know and I apologise for this here and now!!!

But.... I have noticed that Filofax Sweden have got their on-line catalogue out for 2012 already. OK this might not be news for some of you I know. But there are one or two things in there that might be new...

The Flex is now in the catalogue with some slightly different calendar layouts to the ones I saw when the Flex was released.

The Dakota is a new model I think, because it has also recently appeared on the Filofax Germany site as well. It is made of bonded leather, not top quality but it is available in three colours.

I think I've mentioned the Pennybridge and the Journey before, these two appear to be exclusive to Sweden which is a shame, because they look great as combined wallets and Filofax organisers. They aren't real leather, but in a way for the sort of application you would use them for, they are most probably tougher for everyday use.

Iris over at Filomaniac bought a Pennybridge whilst on holiday recently and she has a review of it on her site.

No news on any new UK releases as yet......


  1. Thanks for the great post again Steve!

    I have to say, I am now starting to get a little p***** off with Filofax, because WHY can't they just standardize there layouts?!?!?!!?

    There are great ones on each site, that people in the UK would use and vice versa.

    When will they start listening to their customers!

    My rant for the morning!

    Happy Monday everyone!

  2. Also, in Sweden there is a promotion with 50% off selected bags.

    Thanks for an inspiring blog. (Not sure my bank account agrees though...) I´ve used Filofax for 20years (!) and recently rediscovered it since using another planner for a year. For the new start I got myself a Finchley in imperial purple, but have my eyes on a black Aston.

  3. Like the idea of the Journey Pocket (but in leather).

  4. I had a look on Filofax Sweden on Saturday and i noticed they had sort of name things to put on your filofax, they were like etched out of metal????

  5. Thanks for this Steve - I wonder what the UK site has in store for us this year?

    On another note my order from Germany arrived this morning. I did two order to keep the post down, but they had packed them all in the same box. Mine were accessories for Xmas presents rather than binders as I was a bit late coming to the party! I was relieved to get them after the stock problems others had.

  6. When does usually the new catalog appear on Filofax UK? Are there any sales between autumn and Xmas normally, or do they wait until January for that?

    I couldn't wait and just bought the A5Domino Snake in bronze from Filofax Germany... talked them into waiving shipping charges due to the 90 Year Sale snafu with the A5 Finchley!

  7. What a beautiful binder. It looks so soft and supple.

  8. What exactly does 'bonded leather' mean?

  9. As far as I know 'bonded' leather is kind of like Chicken mcnugget leather - not a single piece but smooshed together from bits of leather that in the end looks like a single piece of leather.

    Regarding the metal disks, they used to give them away with filofaxes in Sweden but now you can buy them for a small sum. You can get them in different shapes and choose what you want written on them. They are selfadhesive and you can remove them but I am not sure if you can stick them to another one. As far as I know the colour choices are brass and stainless steel.

  10. "Bonded" leather is made from shreaded scraps of leather in a 'bonding media' (ie: glue).

    As far as I know, it lasts at least as long as "real" leather.

  11. @janet & @JJ Hitt - thanks for your responses, still sounds weird though. I bought my husband a 'Strata' filofax for work, it is very stiff but sturdy looking albeit a bit vinyl like, though he seems happy with it.

    Love the chicken McNugget analogy, made me laugh. So my husband has a chicken mcnugget filofax, so funny.