11 February 2012

Web Finds - 11 February 2012

We have had freezing temperatures for over a week.. another good reason to stay in doors with a hot drink and some time to look at the latest blog posts via Philofaxy.
And here is some videos for you to enjoy. 

    Enjoy and have a great week.


    1. Thanks Steve - a great selection as usual!

    2. Thank you! This will be my treat once I've got some stuff done :)

    3. Thanks for including my blog! I love how everyone is so supportive in the Filo-family!

    4. Lost of good stuff thanks Steve. I really love the videos - I'm now obsessed with You Tube!

    5. @Steve
      concerning the Filofax news 2012:
      Will the Deco be discontinued?
      Or just some of the colours?
      Do you know sth about it?

    6. Interesting to read City Organiser's view of the Filofax range. I note their comments about the colour blue, which is perhaps the reason that Filofax don't appear to issue many in favourite dark blue; which I thought would be a popular colour but I see they've ended some of the Cuban in ink blue.

      1. I saw a Personal Cross in French blue once. 'Twas gorge!

    7. Love your blog, there is just so much information. I just recently bought an A5 Domino in red and named her Quorra(after Olivia Wilde's in Tron:Legacy). Anyway just wanted to say Hi and I'll be around a lot! Debi

    8. Hi to Deb... hope you are enjoying your new Domino and setting it up!The best bit that!
      Great articles again Steve. Better by far..... and less expensive I may add, than a weekly magazine. I really do enjoy Saturdays as this is my post housework treat now. Thanks again:)