04 February 2012

Web Finds - 4 February 2012

So no sooner has one of these been published then I start looking for new posts for the next one... and this week is no exception.

I'm sat in the kitchen with my laptop, my breakfast and coffee, and whilst you are clicking and reading going through what is now last week's (today's as I write this), I'm looking through my list of news feeds for new posts that have appeared over night, normally from our friends in the USA, it is still their evening by the time my head hits the pillow with my Kindle in one hand to catch up on some reading.

So they start on a Saturday morning normally and get added to though-out the week until I have a final check on Friday night before putting another one to bed and it is time I went to bed too!

So another week has passed and we have found some great posts for you to read << This having been written on Saturday of course is a way of hedging my bets! It is a bit like a merchant banker who always irons and presses 5 white shirts on a Sunday evening, assuming he will still be in a job by the end of the week.....

So after that rather lengthy introduction... here they are!
And here's a couple of great videos to watch



  1. Nina published the product guide! Interesting: A5 Malden with 25mm rings? But also as zipped compact (hopefully also non-zipped ...?). Luxe still with 20mm rings, but now also in purple (does this qualify as a slimline A5?). And -LOL- the Apex in bright yellow. And one in purple.

  2. Thanks for the mention - what did you think of the ring sizes?

  3. Jotje: There are also other 20mm ringed A5's in the list...see my latest post.

    I'm also checking up on the 25mm Malden, is it a typo, or have they decided to go from 30mm to 25mm all the time... I'm using my 30mm all the time now!

    And thanks for the info Maudie, I forgot to check back... see my other questions, I will check back in a day or two...

  4. I liked the idea behind accessory file though I think they could have made more of the idea, though in practicality I think the smaller Swiss Army Card is more practical in a fax.

    The link for Lancashire Cat’s dividers appears to be wrong, a duplication of previous entry.

  5. Steve, I discovered Philofaxy a few weeks ago and I have to tell you that reading the Friday web finds post with my morning coffee is my new favorite Saturday morning ritual!

  6. almost done my errands and chores for the day; then to settle in for the web finds! Highlight of my week.

  7. Hope the new Malden A5s are in 30mm!!!

  8. Really loved the videos thanks Steve!

  9. @jotje:
    thank´s for writing my name as first word in the comments. feels great :D

    i really don´t know if the 25mm in the malden section are right. the purple malden on the fair definately had 30mm!
    and the "Z"s in the Product Guide mean "This product is also available with a zip fastening."
    And the Zipped compact malden is really nice. the insides are quite similar to the ones in the pennybridge. i wish you guys have seen it already, so we could talk about it for hours!! hahaha

    like mentioned, i really don´t think this 25mm thing is true. also in last years catalogue there was still the wrong ring size with the malden. maybe the preparings for the fair where a bit too busy to look for mistakes in the prints


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