07 March 2012

Philofaxy News Up Date

Hi Everyone.

Just a couple of updates to tell you about.

The details of the London Meet Up will be posted on here on Thursday 15th March, it contains all the details of the meet up and more importantly how to apply for a place on the meet up. You cannot apply until the 16th March so don't panic. Please read the full post before applying for a place.

My second bit of news is about the comments. The transition over to threaded comments seems to have worked well. Although there have been a few reports of problems trying to leave comments, either the log in side of it. Or that people hate the two word verification.

I've not managed to pin down what the log in problem is it could be a general Google issue, or it could be an issue with a bit of software on your own PC. Once you are logged in you enter a secure (HTTPS) session this could be the problem, but I'm not sure.

The two word verification is a bit of a bind I realise, but click on the circular recycle arrow until you get two words you can make out easily!! I have to do this quite often now.  Sadly Google haven't given us the option of going back to the old single word option. It's either two word or none... and I would hate to think how much SPAM we would get without the verification on the site.

The next US Mid-West meet up is gathering a lot of interest, please see the earlier post if you are in that region or you are able to travel to that region for a meet up.



  1. Steve, I can't help thinking my problems with leaving a comment is twofold - 1. it seems to dislike Chrome sometimes (but not consistently) and 2. If my internet signal is lower than usual it just keep kicking me out and saying website not available.

    I have mixed feeling on the nested comments - on the one hand I love that we can effectively leave comments for specific comments - much easier when responding to someone's request or statement. On the other hand it's harder when you come back later in the day to see which ones you have read and which you haven't - although with my memory I usually end up reading them all again and enjoying them as much the second time around!!!

    1. Other Chrome users have made similar comments about them having problems, which is odd you would think Chrome would work! Have you tried another browser (Firefox, Safari, or even... IE)?

      On your second point, if you are receiving the comments by email, as I do... then because people don't address a specific person/comment because they don't need to, then of course the emails don't make a lot of sense on their own. So I have to come and look on the site to make sense of the comments! I still try to read all of the comments though.. and respond were I can.

    2. I've tried chrome and Mozilla now and couldn't leave any comments since about a week. So it's quite obvious no chrome problem.
      Safari on the iPhone is working. Not very well though, and i always have to go out of the comment window and back, but at least it works.

      I hope the Bug is fixed soon