05 January 2020

Silent Sunday

Before shot of taking photos for this post:


  1. This cutsie of a cat got no mentions, so I simply had to say hi on the post!! My friend had a cat with very similar colouring which was called Beignet, Beignet being a French fried choux bun, savoury or sweet. A bit like calling your cat Doughnut I suppose. xxxx

  2. Thank you & hi!
    I think it's lovely colouring (kinda biased though) & she's a mixture of tabby, tortoiseshell & white. Her name is Floopy, which then kinda got changed to Scooby over the years. Sadly we lost her a couple of years ago, but she made it to the grand old age of 17 years. Beignet is a great name for a cat! x

  3. My childhood cat, Ginger, lived to be 17 too, he was spoilt rotten and much loved! I would love a cat, but need to live in the right house really. away from main roads etc. Floopy had lovely colouring and a sweet little face. I just had to comment on her moment in the Philofaxy limelight!! xx