17 August 2010

At home in Scotland!

I made it to my new home here in Scotland!  My family and I are settling into our new life here.  The east coast of Scotland is absolutely wonderful!  I love our house, our neighbors are friendly, there's loads to see and do here.  I think we will enjoy living here very much!

My internet at home won't be set up until the 24th (I'm currently writing this at the public library!) so I'll be absent until then.

Looking forward to "seeing" you online again then!



  1. congratulations, laurie! looking forward to having you back.

  2. Glad to hear everything went well for you so far!

  3. Well done Laurie and family... you are now within driving distance or train distance of a Filofax stockist..and other planners as well I suspect..

    Look forward to seeing you once you get back on line again.

  4. Yay! Glad you are loving your new home : )

  5. Steve has a good point! Welcome back online!

  6. Congratulations Laurie! Libraries are perfect for computer use. ;)

  7. Congratulations Laurie! Looking forward to reading your posts again!

  8. Our internet is up and running a few days early! Hooray BT!

    Well Steve, unfortunately for my bank account there is a Filofax stockist within WALKING distance. The WH Smith here has a limited, but nice, selection.

    Also, a couple of days ago we were at
    John Lewis in Aberdeen and they too have a nice range of Filofaxes, most notably that gorgeous purple Finchley...

  9. Laurie, oh I'm jealous now.. John Lewis in your own town, it's a shop I really miss in UK... The one at Bluewater (near London) is excellent.

    Excellent customer service too and good prices.

    We now have a link to JL in our list of suppliers...

  10. You will need to pop into Jenners in Edinburgh to see my amazing selection.

  11. shepcraig, whenever I get myself down to Edinburgh I will ABSOLUTELY stop into Jenners to see your Filofax selection! And I'll be sure to let you know when I'm coming! Please email me your email address if you don't mind: I'm at Thanks! :)


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