04 August 2010

Shipping to Australia???

Our Philofaxy friend Silver_Elixir emailed me to ask if I know of a Filofax retailer that ships to Australia for non-outrageous prices.  She said that Filofax UK and US both do ship to Oz, but the shipping costs are prohibitive.  There is a Filofax Australia website, but she wants some specific things they don't carry.

Here is her wish list:

Personal Day Planner Page                        
Personal Reinforcing Patches                      
Personal Filofax Hole Punch                        
Personal Computer Paper                            
Personal Organiser Stickers                        
Personal Blank Tabs, 6                               
Personal Jotpad                                         
Personal To Do Cotton Cream                     
Personal W2Pages Cotton Cream 2011

The things she wants the very most are the stickers and the computer paper, so those are top priority.

My only thought is to search ebay.  Does anyone else know of any Filofax retailers that can ship to Australia at a reasonable cost?

Thanks everybody!  :)


  1. Why doesn't a philofaxy reader living in UK or America buy those items and send them to silver_elixier? Perhaps this is less expensive.

  2. How about filofax.fr? They seem to offer international shipments at reasonable prices?

  3. silver: first, nice shopping list and massive props for the day planner pages. i am a huge fan. second, try ebay for australia! here is a link and scroll to the bottom for additional items.


  4. Hi Everyone,
    Thank you for your help and all your ideas and suggestions. Very much appreciated!

    HP - I had thought of that idea as perhaps the easiest way around the shipping costs to some extent.

    Jotje - I will look on the French site today and see what they have to offer.

    Collie - Thanks. :-) I have some day planner pages but I need some more to stock up my supply. I will jump on the ebay site and check it out.

    Thanks all!

  5. Jotje: Thanks for mentioning the French site. I had been eyeing a cover on the UK site but was discouraged by the 40 GBP shipping fee to the USA. The French site only charges 14 Euros to ship the same item. Woo hoo!

  6. If you think about it... Let's say you bought two organisers two weeks apart from each other. One cost £20 the other £120, but they are both the same size, same fill, so likely to weigh the same....

    So why should one cost £7.50 and the other £40 to post??

    Try that on the France site €20 and €120 and you end up with postage costs of €8 and €19 still a difference, but a little bit more realistic..

    I think this anomaly needs to be pointed out to Filofax UK... sorry the old Trade Union rep in me coming out again!!


  7. I live in Australia, and the filofax.com.au site isn't even a shop! eBay is okay, but fairly limited, and there's not too many retailers around. I get refills online from .co.uk, 7.50 pounds postage is a lot, but it's better than nothing, plus the actual product is cheaper than it is in stores here.

    1. David Jones carries a small range but I generally go to Pens & Leather in the USA. I find their shipping costs to Australia ( South Australia) fairly reasonable.

  8. I've just emailed Filofax UK to ask them to explain their ROW costs and how they differ for items that would be the same weight but of a different order value.

    I will report back if I get a response.


  9. For a good online Filofax store in Australia, check out:


    if they don't have what you want, they can get it in...

    hope this helps.

  10. might the shipping costs be different for items weighing the same but being different values because of parcel insurance?

  11. Jess, possibly, but that doesn't explain the big difference between UK and French prices.... I await their official verdict...

  12. I'm looking at getting a filofax online as the prices are crazy over here, so far organisersonline.com looks to have fairly cheap shipping

  13. You could always try Pens and Leather in the USA I find them fairly reasonable in prices and shipping costs.


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