13 August 2010

Friday Night Question

Have you ever sold any of your Filofax Organisers? And can we ask why?



  1. I sold the Graphic A5 and bought a (used, but as new) red Finsbury A5 instead. Because the Finsbury was nicer and have a place for an A5 pad in the back. I don't regret that.

  2. I'm glad I didn't. I bought my 5 Filos between 1987 and 2000 and still I'm impressed by their high quality and craftsmanship - especially when marked with a golden "MADE IN ENGLAND" stamp.

    Today's Filos - I don't want to be rough to proud owners of new models - do not compare to the vintage material.



  3. I've never sold one but I gave one away to a friend on this site nd I would do it again in a minute if someone needed one that I had in storage.
    Love you guys!!

  4. Sold any- no. Keep buying more- yes. I just got a dark brown Cuban slimline that I love love love...

  5. Hey for Laurie congrats on moving to Scotland ttoo bad they don't make green refill pages. I have been thinking of selling some of mine because I have so many and really can't keep buying new ones,,,,,,I would love to get a classic vintage one if anyone interested in trading???

  6. Hi Everyone.
    This Friday night question is just an idea of mine, I tried it on Twitter last week and thought I would add it to the blog this week.

    I might change it to another night in the week, just to spread the load a bit. I jot down simple questions in my Filofax and this was one of them on the list.

    Some interesting responses so far. Can I remind you all of a post we published last November about the Google Group: http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/2009/11/filofax-freecycleloan.html

    The idea being for people to be able to lend, donate, request etc A few people have taken part in this and it seems to have worked out ok.

    Anyway give it a look.

    Thank you for all your responses

  7. I have never sold any, but I have also given a couple away to fellow Philofaxers.

    I wouldn't rule it out however, though I wouldn't do it lightly.

  8. I have not yet sold a Filo, though I was given two from two different people from this site. I did give one of mine to a friend who is fairly new to Filofax. I am considering selling one that I do own - if I go through eBay, I'd sell. If I could find a fellow reader who wants it, I'd be more than happy to donate. But I haven't yet decided if I want to give it up just yet.

  9. I just sold one 2 days ago via Ebay. I had a pocket Botanical (green) filofax but found it too small so I bought a Metropol Personal in raspberry colour instead.

    I sold it with all the inside parts except for a diary and received a fantastic £11.00 for it!!

  10. I've never sold one. The only things I've bought/sold on eBay are laptops and computer accessories, PGAs, and shoes.

    I think with Filofaxes, I'm more inclined to keep them because I may use them someday.

    With electronic equipment, I like to sell an old device and buy a new(er) used one.


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