12 August 2010

Left Handed Use of a Filofax?

I saw Sharon's response and then Millie's comment and thought that this topic was worthy of a post in itself.

So... in Sharon's Reader Under The Spot Light she said
7. If you could design your own Filofax what would it feature?

A left handed Filofax!
And as an update Sharon has actual done a post on her blog about this topic

and then Millie commented:
Last night I read this post, and tweeted to Steve to say I agreed that there should be a left-handed Filofax. He asked me to write a comment with specifications of a left-handed Filofax. So, here we are 24 hours later with my thoughts! I'll try not to make this a post of its own!

Being left-handed affects lots of things right-handed people don't think of, aside from the obvious everyday issues of using can openers and scissors. For example, most handbags (this is a girl problem mostly!) have a design only on one-side, and the zip is usually for a right-handed person. Left-handed people then have to either not show the bag design, or have the zip running the wrong way when they put their bag on their shoulder!

I was thus on a left-handist crusade when I tweeted to Steve to say I agreed with Sharon! Today, I studied my Filofax while at work and I've concluded: Filofax are already left-hand friendly! I can't see any bit that couldn't be changed by someone if they really felt that the design hindered them. Are the rings in the way when you write? Turn the folder around and re-orientate your pages. Don't like the layout of the pockets? Buy a different style of folder.

I guess the reason Filofax is so great is that you can make it how you want it. All those problems that irk left-handed people in standard notebooks can be avoided in the Filofax.

I'd like to hear what other left-handed people think though. Maybe I've missed something obvious!
So are you left handed? Are some Filofax Organisers better for left handed users than others? Does the size matter? Let us have your thoughts and comments.

In fact Friday 13th is according to Millie is International Left Handers Day..... who said that this blog didn't keep up with the times !!!!


  1. Hehe, thank you, Steve. Can't wait to see the comments!

  2. I use a binder (similar to filofax - I use my Filofax for everything else in my life) for notes at uni everyday. As I was filling up blank pages I got into the trouble of the the rings being in the way when I try and write on the back of the page. I have gotten into a good system of writing right handed on the top face of the page, and left handed on the bottom face! (I'm right handed)

    It works pretty well, and shows that binders suit all types of writers.

  3. Good idea re turning the filofax around. Will try it. New to filofaxes and it instantly irked me!

  4. The Filofax Maulden would be perfect for a lefty if the note pad was reversible. The card slots are side ways so it doesn't matter. Stay away from anything smaller than a personal. Smaller rings help too.