30 August 2010

Announcement - Possible London Meet up this November

I'm in the process of planning a trip back to UK in November, mainly to visit my elderly mother and to see my son. But I would also like to have a day in London and visit one of the Filofax Stores.

The likely date is Saturday 20th November.

My plan for the day is fairly flexible, I will most probably be staying with friends in Kent where I used to live. In addition to a visit to one of the Filofax stores it would be good to go and have some lunch together and generally just have a sit down and a good chat. I know from the Skype chats we have had so far that they spark off lots of ideas and they are a great way of sharing knowledge.

So if you are available on that day would you like to meet up with me in London? Please add a comment or contact me via the usual email address philofaxy at gmail dot com

In addition to this low key meet up, discussions have started about a much larger event to take place possibly in late 2011 or early 2012. If you would like to join in these discussions please join the google group at: http://groups.google.com/group/philofaxy-meetup

Hopefully this group can also be used to facilitate more local meet ups, e.g. North Eastern United States.



  1. That date is a special day for me.
    And I would love to meet, lest I've gotten a job in Mauritius by then!! LOL!!

  2. Thanks Oni.. anyone else want to join in?

    I was beginning to think I was Billynomates!

  3. Hi Oni-sama! Good luck with the job. It will be fun to work in a tropical paradise for a while!

    Hi Billy, I would like to attend the London event next year.

    As someone who lives in the "Northeastern United States," I will join the Google group and see if there's any interest in doing it in Boston or New York.

  4. Nan - Yvotchka and I have discussed doing this very thing. I was going to post something on my blog about it (http://lifewellplanned.blogspot.com/) but have yet to do so. Google groups might be better anyway...

  5. Steve I would happily meet up with you if you promise to take me to the Filofax store!! Only now seeing this post thanks to link within ;-)