01 August 2010

Slimline to Pocket Conversion

You might possibly be familiar with my slimline that I have been using as a wallet/Filofax organiser since earlier this year. You can read my earlier post about it here

As has been commented on, generally it works well, except it's quite large in size, not ideal if you want to carry it in a pocket, it is more suited to carrying in a jacket pocket or a 'man bag'... or handbag if you wish!

When I was sat here this morning writing/assembling the 'Pocket' post, it occurred to me, I wonder if I could downsize my slimline to the Pocket?

I have a Pocket Finsbury that wasn't in daily use.... so let's try it out, nothing to lose. It has a week to a page 2010 insert in it already. So I sat down and stripped out the removable contents of my slimline (credit/bank cards, driving licence, UK passport, Euro's, European health card, and a few other minor things that I didn't ought to be carrying still now I'm in France.

The Pocket does have less credit card slots in the front, but that didn't pose too much of an issue. The vertical pocket inside the front cover takes my passport and driving licence easily, could have been designed for it even.

The zip pocket on the back inside pocket I'm using for my loose change which was in my Filofax change holder in the Slimline. I only need coins really for the mail machines in La Poste, so I don't carry too much cash.

I had a quick rummage around in my Filofax drawer and found some spare inserts and pages for it. So I think I'm more or less ready to go.

I think it will work better as it will fit in my bag easier. I use an old CD walkman shoulder bag for carrying all my things around in, I hate having my pockets weighed down. In my bag I typically have: Wallet/Filofax, mobile phone, house keys, reading glasses, sat nav, torch, so the reduction in size of my Filofax will help.

Like the Slimline I will be using the diary in this Pocket Filofax for appointments and to-do lists and for taking notes etc. I have my contact pages already filled in at the back of the Pocket, so I just need to check through them and update them if there are any changes.

If there is anything I might add it might be an additional credit card holder. And for 2011 I might go for either the week on two pages starting on Monday (equal spaces per day) in Cotton Cream or a week on one page but with notes on the facing pages, although I wish it was English only.

I'm going to give this new set up a try for the next month or so and see how it goes, it's only a 5-10 minute job to swap back to my slimline if it doesn't work out!  I will keep you posted.


  1. Welcome to the world of the Pocket Filofax, I am sure you will find it alot better than the Slimline!

    Look forward to another review after a few weeks / months use!

  2. Welcome to the club! For me, the Pocket (even better, a SLIMLINE pocket) hits the sweet spot between portability and writing real estate. Mini: good portability, writing area too small. Personal: writing area good, portability:
    too big. Pocket: just right! Now with a pocket slimline, like the late Topaz and Pocket Executive, or Pocket Guildford Extra Slim, you could slip it in your jacket tuxedo when Président Sarkozy invites you to dinner, no need for the CD bag.

    John Steed, Esq. had it right many moons ago in "Dial a Deadly Number" (Avengers '65) A slimline pocket Filofax (or Brand X?) in his jacket, effortlessly organized, whilst not creating a huge bulge in his Pierre Cardin tux. Impeccable!

    "Welcome to the fight! This time, I know our side will win."--Viktor Laszlo, Casablanca

  3. Ugh. You're not making my decision any easier. ;) Actually, since I was thinking of using my slimline again just for my calendar, your post persuaded me to at least try the pocket size for that purpose. As you say, I can always switch back if it doesn't work out.

  4. (gasps) I can't believe you gave up your Slimline! But your new Pocket set up looks wicked cool and I can't wait to hear more about how it works as a wallet/planner...

    Love your black Fins! Very classy!!

  5. All is not lost.. because I've just thought of a great use for my slimline... My Photography Filofax.. nice and slim and it will slot in to the top pocket of my camera bag nicely.

    I already have a list of pages I wanted in such a organiser so, now I can do it. I was going to use a slimline pocket, but never got around to buying one! And my existing pocket was too bulky for that part of the camera bag...

    Of course I will blog about it once it's assembled...

  6. Pocket Filo???
    Holy heck!!
    I just went to an A4 and had top order it from the UK site!!!
    I've got, 15 stores to manage, reports from "our" computer system to review, payroll, spreadsheets to identify and review, buletins to carry, examine and train others on. Where could I put all of that in a pocket??
    I am so envious of all of you.

  7. @Gregory: I don't pp here use the Pocket as a work filo (or do you, guys?). I use A5 for work in 2ppd format, and it's just sooo right! However, my on the go planner is a Filofax Mini, doubling as a wallet.

    I'll just sit back patiently, waiting for all of you to make the transition to Pocket, and then us Mini-users will conspire to convince you all to downsize even further! Ha!

  8. Yay Steve! I'm excited for you and your new Pocket usage.

    I am going the other direction, or at least leaning that way. I'm still using my Personal size Filofax but as usual, my main complaint with it is that the diary pages are too small. I can't use a day per page diary, because I have to see the whole week. The Wo2P day spaces are decently sized, but I could definitely use more space on the week view.

    My search for the Perfect Planner continues!

  9. Whew .. thanks Steve.. you have given me an idea of what to do with the Malden Pocket I ordered by mistake.. I too have used a Slimline for some years now as a more portable Personal .. the advantage has been being able to swap pages which I cannot do with a Pocket. but am pleased at the idea of a smaller filofax that doesnt make my handbag so full ! will wait to hear of your transition goes!

  10. Here's how I'm carrying my pocket...