16 August 2010

Monday's dip in to what is on the web

Start of another week, and here's some pages to have a look at over your coffee... go one give yourself a break from work for a moment...


  1. Today I received my Finchley A5.
    It was on back order from the company I ordered it from (not Filofax USA) and since it was, they paid the overnight freight to get it to me for today.(I leave tomorrow for some out of town business)
    That being said, I opened the box and the leather smell was overwhelming. I been using my Kendal A5 until this one arrived and quickly transfered my personal stuff over to the Finchley.
    So for now, everthings in order and new and I am excited to use this as I love the Finchley personal I have but it's a bit too small for my job duties.
    P.S. I also ordered a new Lamy 2000 ball point pen and .05 pencil that will be here when I get back from out of town.
    Life is good again!
    Thanks for the advice!

  2. Gregorym - Are you on Flickr? I'd love to see some pictures of the new A5...