01 August 2010

Diary refills - Have you decided yet?

So as August is here and Filofax now have both 2011 and 2012 refills starting to become available in most sizes. Have you started to think about which refills you will buy for next year yet?

Jess Shepherd asked on Twitter if anyone had tried using the two days per page (deux jours par page) format in personal size?

I think I might stick to a week on two pages myself but in personal size this next year rather than A5. I have a new personal Finsbury that is sat in the drawer that wants to join the party on my desk!

Personally I find myself scrolling between the UK and the French Filofax sites looking for the optimum format..


  1. I've been looking at the day to a page format for my jouranl. I work in a school so sometimes have lots to write about. Just wondering how bulky this would make my filofax.....maybe I would have to buy a filofax just for that journal. (Like I need an excuse to buy another ff. lol)

    Can imagine though it would look really nice having just a full years worth of memories in one place.

  2. I bought my 2011 inserts a few months ago (I know how keen that sounds!) and bought the week on two pages as that has worked well for me thus far in 2009 and 2010. However, before buying the 2012 ones, I will wait and see how the 2011 ones pan out as the first half of that will be my second year at uni and third year (i.e. 2012) will surely become more hectic!

    Just thought I'd add that my inserts are cotton cream...can't get enough of that *vintage* feel!

  3. Hi
    Thanks for your comment 'Paper rush' I've added your new blog to our 'Hall of Fame'

  4. Oooh thanks :) I'll link Philofaxy back too cos that's the first site I ever came across when googling about Filofaxes!

    Btw, in case you hadn't noticed, I've been commenting on posts for the past few weeks or so, just had a name change for privacy purposes :)

  5. Sorry I hadn't picked up on you were the same as someone already commenting. As you can guess we get so many!

    Good luck with your own blog though and keep following Philofaxy..

  6. Paperrush... I've now worked out your previous username... no problems ;-)

  7. jess: i used the two days per page refills in my personal for 2 years. if you do a lot of random jotting down of info it is great since there is so much more room. i did miss seeing the whole week on two pages though, so i stopped.

    @paperrushblog i adore your site. great ideas for the coming school year. loved that u used index cards for lists! hope you finish Drive for life.

  8. jess: here is someone using the two days per page in a domino

  9. I bought my 2011 inserts - monthly and week on 2 pages with lines. Since everyone is trying to persuade me to go pocket size, I am thinking pf switching things up for 2011. Haven't come to a final decision as of yet - check my blog for updates.

    Paperrush - I added your blog to mine, I hope that was okay. Are you on Twitter too?

  10. I have an A5 coming and it will have the default weekp2p (I don't think I'll use this) and the column format wp2p with appointment lines for this year. I might like this column format, not sure - but my options for 2010 were quite limited. It is also coming with day per page for 2011. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to use the column format? I'm not sure what to do with day specific todo's and notes. Any ideas?

  11. Thanks for all the kind comments :)

    I've added a few more blogs to my links, including yours Kanalt :) I've actually been reading yours for quite a while now! I am in fact on Twitter but I rarely log in (when I say rarely, I mean more like a few times a year!!!)

  12. colie, thanks for the comments re: two days per page (and steve for mentioning my dilemma!). i've never considered the format before, but i'm downsizing from a5 to personal after winning a pink finsbury on ebay, my all-time favourite filo. i think the two days per page format will allow me to still have plenty of room for each day even though the page itself will be smaller. i'm going to get the month on two page diary too, and also a wall planner that can go above my desk and show me the week at a glance.

    thanks again! i'll take the plunge.

  13. I'll continue the 2 pages per day format for next year for my A5 Filofax (this is my work-filo and I desperately need this much room). Haven't ordered yet, because I'm kind of fed-up with the dull TimeSystem design. Have been looking into Franklin Covey and DayRunner, even though that would involve serious re-punching of A LOT of pages.
    Would be so neat if Filofax would decide to launch a 2PPD format for the A5 ....

    @Plaititude: if you want to use the column wp2p pages, you could either add a large post-it with a list of all weekly Todo's, or add a smaller page with the Todo's (perforated). Or have an entire tab/section dedicated to the current todo's, with the most urgent ones, noted at the appropriate date?

  14. thanks Jotje, I might try that - at least to get me through 2010. For 2011 I've got the day per page, and I will probably do what I was trying to do with my Personal size, add a lined page in between each day to make it a Day on two pages. Not quite the same as T/D 2ppd though as I'd much prefer the diary to always be on the same side rather than alternating, but it works. Another thing I'll have to do is change my fountain pen to something that doesn't soak into the paper so much, or perhaps go back to pencil. That will be difficult, I've grown to love fountain pens!

  15. Been using 1 day per page in a FF Personal for quite some time. Recently switched to Week on 2 Pages, also in my FF Personal and like that much better.

    Just about to try out a FF Pocket...and going to copy Oni and use 1 day per page as a journal/note catching system and Week on 2 pages as my calendar/agenda.

    Kanalt: Yes, try Pocket with me (nudge, nudge)!!

  16. Filofax used to have the perfect refill for me: Week on 4 Pages.

    Each page was split to 2 days, with the 4th page, except Friday, Sat., and Sun. were all on one page.

    Form Ref. #383494 - Filofax, please bring it back!

  17. @design what?!?!? i wish i could see it. though i have to confess i get so annoyed when there is less room on weekends! i have way more to do on weekends than on weekdays.

  18. Plaiditude--there is a disposable fountain pen--sailor pen--that you can order from Jet Pens and it doesn't soak thru filofax paper!!