19 August 2010

Blog Posts for a Thursday

I came across a few more today, all worth a read...
  • My Planner - Susanne writes about her new Filofax;
  • And the obsession continues - Susanne describes her set up;
  • Getting Organised and the Filofax - another recent convert!
  • Cupcake Couture - Rhinna - Nothing Filofax related yet, but their announcement on Twitter this afternoon '@sojeanbrodie has left the moleskin posse and joined the filofax massive. I think my life can't be any more organised now. Oohh hello filofax accessories'  which I thought was quite amusing so worth a mention here. 
That is about it for today, if you come across any posts we miss that you think are worth mentioning, or if you are a blogger about Filofax yourself, send us the details to philofaxy at gmail dot com


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    1. Hi Steve, thanks for adding my links. The obsession heated up again after I was browsing around here on this website. I am glad that there are many others who are also obsessed with their planners and pens.