05 August 2010

Philofaxy on Flickr

To integrate the Philofaxy community on Flickr more in to this site, I've just added a new page to the list of pages at the top of the blog.

The new page includes a slideshow of all the pictures on the Flickr group, you can even view them full screen, click on the four arrowed icon on the right of the slideshow... Esc to get back to normal size.

So join in and start adding some of your own Filofax pictures... any size of Filofax that is... not just the Pocket :-)




  1. Now I'll never have to leave home er, this site, again! (except to read other filo blogs of course!)

  2. Cooooool! What a great idea, thanks Steve : )

  3. Really cool Steve, thanks for doing this!!

  4. Thank you everyone. Philofaxy isn't trying to take over the world, but I think that page helps people be aware that there is a Flickr presence too.

    I was trying to also incorporate the discussion area, but I've not found a way of doing that yet...

    But I'm pleased with my efforts of the morning.

    Once again thanks for your messages of appreciation I really appreciate them.

  5. Oh that's great Steve, I just joined Flickr yesterday and uploaded some pics of my Filofaxs.

  6. Oh my, what have I done???
    I purchased an A4 size planner thinking I can't live without full size pages.
    Sometimes I think I really am stupid.
    I used it for 3, mind you 3 whole days and I HATE IT!!!!!
    So today when I returned home from a 3 day stent on the road, I immediately rushed into my office, opened my box of Filos and pulled my Finchley personal from the dark hole.
    The leather smell instantly hooked me once again and I began transfering information.
    What the hell was I thinking??
    Pages I need will be once again transfered to my laptop and a hard copy put into the store's file for reference.
    A spiral notebook in my briefcase for doodling and quick notes to eventually be transfered into my Filo.
    Just the important stuff mind you.
    Now I can carry once again, my beloved Filo inside my perfect hardside Korchmar briefcase.
    God, someone please tell me, it will be OK!!

  7. Yay!! Thank you Steve!!!

  8. gregorym you could try an A5 as an in-between. I just started using one and I think I'm going to like it. I've tried A5 before, but never with a Filofax, and my last binders were huge. I opted for one of the smallest A5's. The finchley has slightly less width than most of the A5's and it only has the 1" rings so I won't be tempted to carry 6 pounds of paper with me. Your A4 pages would just need to be folded in half :)

  9. Dear Hearts:
    I have a question:
    Filofax USA advertizes a pen that "fits even the smallest of Filofax organizers".

    Does anyone have the dimensions of this pen? I'm looking for apen for my new slim pocket Topaz.


    Fashion Brown Pen (Filofax)

    Code: 061054

  10. Noone - I do not know the dimensions of the pen available through Filofax, but I know this Zebra pen fits all the pen loops for the binders I have. I do have two slimline binders, but not the Topaz. I also have the personal size, not the pocket, but because the pen is retractable, it fits in the smallest binder - I have had it in a mini domino.


    Hope this helps.


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