08 August 2010

Skpye Chat This Afternoon - Postscript

Thank you to everyone that took part today.

I've learnt one important lesson about how to manage these sessions. First to get everyone on to the instant messaging part of Skype first. And then ask who wants to join in on a voice conference call, that way everyone is at least in contact with everyone else first!

At one point I think we had two or three people in discussions on instant messaging and another three at one point on voice a little confusing but it all seemed to work.

I think we will definitely do this again soon.



  1. I'd love to see some highlights here of the discussion!

  2. I had a great discussion on Skype messaging with the other Filofax users.

    Not sure how much Filofax talk there was, but we did discuss about the Mini and Pocket usage and which would be more practical as a wallet / purse carry round!

    As well as just really getting to know each other and make sure we linked up with everyone on Twitter and Facebook!

    Great fun and looking forward to the next one!

  3. Hi
    On the voice side of things. We put voices to names of course and then some of the serious discussion included:

    * Printing calendar pages from Outlook (I will be doing a post about this soon)
    * The cost of shipping from UK to the US and anywhere else overseas
    * The merits of the different size organisers
    * The idea about having a Philofaxy meet up in London may be Spring next year, (this one needs more discussion and planning)

    There was of course a lot of light hearted discussion and general chat which is always great.


  4. I planned to join you but ended up helping my Dad do some family genealogy work at an historical museum so missed it. Glad it went well!

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  6. Hi, everybody!

    Had the luck to find a timeslot yesterday for the chat, skyped to PHILOFAXY and heard Steve's voice. Unfortunately, my connection was too lousy so I had to cancel it.

    Later I was skyped by the chat but I could not get into the conversation.

    But there is one essential thing I have learnt about Philofaxy: You can study Web 2.0 here in its full beauty, say the interconnections between blogging, Twitter, Facebook and Skype.

    You did a great job, Steve, and I'd like to say thanks for your efforts - hoping the next chat will be a better one for me.

    Best from Germany,


  7. i wish i had a webcam or microphone so i could have joined in! i dont know anything about skype - is the messaging just like aol's instant messenger, and msn messenger? if so i would love to be involved next time on that level.

  8. Hi Jess
    For the conference bit you only need a microphone, webcam not required... Most laptops have a built in mic, and most netbooks now have webcams built in. But the video only works one to one, not one to many. But it's great for having a chat because you can show people things on the camera...

    And yes the messaging side of it is just like Yahoo Messenger, MSN or AOL instant messaging. Easy to use and most people seem to be able to use it without any instructions.

  9. Hello Steve,
    may I have a question? Do you remember the ebay seller of your Filofax Change holder ? Or do you know anybody else who sells them? Thanks a lot.

  10. Hi
    Sure do... there is a link in this post to their page:


    I don't they have any on sale, but contact them in case they still have one or two, but they haven't put them on Ebay.