10 August 2010

Attention US Malden Fans.....

Until now the Malden has only been available on the UK site. Well it will be available later this year in the US. How do we know this? Take a look at the blog post by one of our readers 'Kanalt'

So sorry to you folks that have already bought one and had to pay the (in my opinion) excessive shipping costs. But it is good news for people that have been waiting for news on availability.

This whole episode has highlighted the difference in shipping costs between different Filofax on-line stores for customers overseas. I have emailed Filofax UK about this and I'm awaiting a reply.

So I wonder if Filofax France will be stocking it too??... cue French shrug of shoulders!!!!!


  1. According to their official homepage, Filofax Germany offers the Malden as a Personal (95 Euro) and Pocket version (85 Euro).

  2. And in France also... same prices...


    So if you are ordering from the US....before it arrives there order it from France because the postage is a lot cheaper than Filofax UK at present....

  3. Thanks for linking to my blog! I'm looking forward to its arrival.

  4. Mine just shipped from France yesterday. For the record, while the UK site charges 40 GBP to ship the Malden to the US, Filofax France only charges 14 Euros. I tried Filofax Germany first, since my German is better than my French, but they don't appear to ship outside Europe. Filofax Denmark has international shipping and slightly better rates than France, but they don't carry the Malden. (They do, however, carry some very unique calendar pages and index tabs.)
    My stomach dropped a little when I saw the beginning of this post, but seeing that it won't be in the US until around October makes me feel better about placing my international order now. I'm impatient!

  5. Would be great to have Malden sold in US....

    Anyone have any updates on this?

    Also, no Malden in A5 size, right?


  6. No A5 as yet, and we believe that October is still the that on sale date in the US.