11 August 2010

Filofax blog posts that we think are worth a look...

We don't point out ever single blog post that we become aware of that mentions Filofax, there are just so many, and also so many that just mention it in passing as a comparison to some electronic device or gadget thing... of no interest to the majority of you I'm sure...

But today's search is an exception and it turned up several that are worth a read:


  1. Thanks for posting these round-ups. It's a nice way to discover new blogs, and (of course) to get more ideas about how to best put my Filofax to use.

  2. Great, I need more Filofax blogs.
    It really makes me happy to know I'm not the only crazy one out here.
    By the way I just ordered a Finchley A5 in black to try.
    Love the Finchley personal but just a little too small.
    So I'm taking "someones" advice.
    Ok, OK, so it was a great excuse to order another Filo!!

  3. gregorym: I'm sure you'll love it! Every time I open my backpack I'm greeted with that great leather smell from my A5 Black Finchley inside :)

    I too love these blog post updates. I have a google alert for filofax but it doesn't capture a lot of useful blog posts, usually just store advertisements.


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