01 August 2010

August offers...

UK Office Direct are giving an extra 5% off orders placed in August (starts today)

Head over to the Filofax suppliers page and click on the link and use the Promo code shown on the logo at the check out.

Hunt down that organiser, refill, accessory today....


  1. The Filofax shelves are pretty bare on that site unfortunately.

  2. As in terms of what is in stock at the moment?

    They appear to list most things, but I've not tried buying anything from there myself yet.

    I'm not sure what their shipping charge is to France!

  3. Yes, as in what is in stock at the moment.

  4. Hmm? I looked again and found a lot of binders. Last time I used their index. This time I used the search term Filofax. My mistake. Not much in the paper line though outside of diary refills.
    I need a lot of name/address paper as I've decided to replace the old Filofax I was using as an address book with a nice new one. I want to transfer all addresses from the old mangled pages onto new paper.

  5. For supplies, it's worth noting down city-org-pdq or something like that (google is your and my best friend here). They are a London based company and is where I get all my Filofax related inserts from! They offer some of the inserts at already lower than usual prices but ocassionally, there are the odd 20% discounts floating about too ;)

  6. Oh but I see you already have them in your hall of fame :) Discard my previous comment then :)