19 August 2010

Filofax, Wallet, Portable Music?

So some people... myself included have combine their wallet or purse with their Filofax, the size of Filofax used seems to vary from Mini through Pocket to Slimline Personal.

Today I was looking at my wife Alison's iPod Nano and then wondered, I wonder if it would fit in a Pocket Filofax organiser?

I tried it in the pocket on the back which I'm not using for anything other than money, and Euro notes aren't very big so there is just about enough space to fit it in. But you would have to be careful not to have too many pages, otherwise it would bulge a bit!

It also fits quite nicely in the zipped pocket at the back, although I was keeping coins in there, not a good mixture unless your iPod is a bit battered already...

Another alternative is in a zip lock plastic pocket with the zip slightly open at the top, that seems to work well too, you would also be able to slip in a sync cable in there too!

So do we have an ultimate accessory for your Filofax? Anyone else tried this at all? Please let us have your comments below... Oh and yes I have returned the iPod to its owner!



  1. Here's what I'm looking for, to no avail:
    something not too big that will hold:
    - two pages to a week calendar (I like the kind in my Moleskine with the week on one side and a notes page on the other)at least a year.
    - notes pages, blank/lines/graphed
    - address pages
    - assorted pockets to hold money and cards
    - a pocket for my iPod touch
    - a pocket for my phone.
    And then there's the coin issue. I live in Canada where our $1 and $2 are in coins, so I need a coin pocket that is substantial AND easy to get the contents out of. Too many wallets have skimpy little zip pockets which keep the coins secure but mean you have to dig around or tip them all out to find what you need.

  2. Sorry, can't help you there. I'm anti-Apple. My current mp3 player is a Sony and I carry it in a pocket for easier accessibility.

  3. What about a USB stick? I have one "clipped" around the top ring of my domino pocket, but it falls off most days and I'm worried one day I'll lose it. Have you found a good solution for that?