06 August 2010

Glossary - What are all these abbreviations people use...

OK I admit it, it is one of my pet hates... abbreviations or three and four letter acronyms that people use, expecting everyone to use/know them.

My last job before I retired gracefully to France was in the Defence industry and they have abbreviations coming out of every document in their hundreds but when you think you knew them all, someone would reuse one for something completely different or invent yet another.... arrrragh I used to spend too much time looking these things up only to forget why I was looking it up!!!

So in our world... the world of Filofax what abbreviations are in use... here is a list:
  • DOOP - Day on one page.
  • DPP - Day per page
  • FF - Filofax... of course
  • FC - Frankin Covey - not Father Christmas!
  • GTD - Getting Things Done
  • MOTP - Month on two pages
  • Mole - Moleskine
  • Pers - Personal Size
  • SOOFL - Significant Others of Filofax Lovers
  • TDPP - Two days per page
  • WPP - Week per Page
  • WOOP - Week on one page
  • WOTP - Week on two pages
  • YP - Year Planner
What others are there? Please add them in the comments and I will add them to the list.


    1. Thank you i didnt know a few of these just added them to my notes section in my new filo.

    2. Hi there, I just had to look up GTD - which of course I went "D'oh!" when I SAW the meaning (Getting Things Done - erm, right? lol) but that might be a useful one to add!

    3. There are many FP users who also use Filofax, and are always on the lookout for FPF paper.

      (FP = Fountain pen)

      (FPF = Fountain pen friendly)

      In the subject of paper, paper weight is measured in gsm, grams per square meter. Higher weight papers are generally thicker. This (as well as other factors such as coatings and treatments) can indicate how well a particular paper will do with inks.