18 February 2011

Filofaxy Gourmet Gift Box - Further Price Reduction

You might not have noticed that the Gourmet Gift Box set has now been reduced to £35. I think this is very good value for money.

What do you get for your £35:
  • Filofax Organiser – date, dinner, done
    • - contemporary personal organiser with a smooth leather-look cover and cream suede-effect lining
    • - special ‘lifestyle’ diary and papers, everything you need to balance work and play including party and outfit planners, top takeaways, shopping lists and even a little black book to rate those dates (Normally costs £17.50)
  • Mini Organiser Pen (normally £20)
    • - chrome and acrylic mini pen, designed to fit into your organiser
  • Gourmet Society Dining Card
    • - 12 months membership to the Gourmet Society (normally costs over £50), saving you £££s on restaurant bills
    • - fantastic discounts at over 3,500 leading restaurants across the country. Enjoy 2-for-1 meals, 50% off food, or 25% off food AND drink at a wide variety of participating establishments, from Michelin starred establishments to award-winning independents and famous names like CafĂ© Rouge, Loch Fyne, The Living Room and Prezzo
    • - restaurants from famous names like 'Marco' from Marco Pierre White, Gary Rhodes' 'W1 Brasserie' and Atul Kochhar's 'Benares'.
    • - see www.gourmetsociety.co.uk/filofax for a full list of restaurants, offers and terms and conditions.
Also see Laurie's excellent video review:

So if you are thinking of buying a friend or relative an Easter present, why not get them this excellent gift box set. Or treat yourself and make good use of the discount card over the Easter and May Bank Holidays.


  1. Okay. You've convinced me. We're taking our holidays in the UK this year and although there is NOTHING within 100km of Mull (our first holiday), there are places in the scheme near our main holiday. At £35 I'm sure we'll get the money back over a couple of meals. There are loads of places in Edinburgh though (60 miles away and somewhere where we go for the day soemtimes) so don't feel so bad that the west of Scotland haven't joined the party!

    The Gournet website is annoying in that you can't see the full offer for a place until you get the card... slightly poor sales technique for those of us who like to know what they're buying before they purchase.

    Now, the next question is... will I actually use the filofax? Wrong size for me, but I will do my best.

  2. Well done Amanda, I would appreciate it if you order your gift box by clicking on the advert in the article.


  3. Hi Steve,
    Um... had already ordered it when I saw your message, and I'm a member of Easyfundraising, which generates money for the charity I helped set up, so did it through their site (to get £1.40 for my charity...)

  4. if anyone wants to check out the offers on the gourmet society site, my membership number is FF1136...

  5. Thanks Jess, that's very helpful! Let me check out lots of places!

  6. I find the Gourmet Society Dining Card is a great for a gift to someone you have no idea what to give them. I give it to myself mostly for the specials at the Prezzo restaurants which make taking the family out for dinner mercifully reasonable (read cheap) as it does with most chain restaurants. What surprises me most is the comprehensive coverage of the UK that Gourmet Society Dining Card offers, wherever I go I go safe in the knowledge that there's going to be a participating restaurant somewhere close by...

  7. Three quick comments...
    The card I received wasn't valid for 12 months (as stated on the filofax site); it expires the end of December 2011. That probably won't dissuade anyone as it is still a great price, all in all, but I just wanted to alert people to it.

    Although coverage south of the border seems great, and major cities are well supported, if you live rurally (especially in Scotland) be aware that coverage isn't excellent. Where I am in Scotland, there are a few places within half an hour's drive (about 15 or so). If I lived an hour north of where I am, the number would plummet to almost fingers on one hand level. An hour south and Edinburgh would make up for the defecit; an hour west and Glasgow would. I guess, if you're in Scotland and not in Edinburgh or Glasgow, just be sure how much is nearby.

    The filofax and the pen (which I described as 'came free with the gourmet card' to my DH! :-)) are lovely. The grape colour is a lot more intense than I was expecting from pictures on the web and the ff is very light in weight. The inserts are not so useful to me to be honest, but that hardly matters much at the price.

  8. I note that Filofax have now changed the description to say membership for 2011(because I pointed it out to them??).


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