08 March 2011

My A5 Domino Filofax in the NEW Ultra Violet color!

My new Filofax arrived today! I've been waiting for a year for an A5 Domino in a purplish color, so of course I couldn't resist ordering up the A5 Domino in the new Ultra Violet color. I'm extremely glad I was able to get it before I leave for Indonesia!  (Which is just two weeks from today, and yes I'm slightly freaking out. Need Filofax distraction!)

First, about the color. "Violet" by definition is more on the blue side than true purple, so I braced myself for a blue binder. My photos make it look a little more blue than the true color, but it's definitely not a purply purple.  So if you do order this binder, don't be expecting a very purple look, it's definitely bluish. In fact, the color on the Filofax page is a very good representation of the color (click here to see the Filofax UK A5 Domino product page and hover on Ultra Violet to see the color).

Here are some photos comparing my A5 Domino in Ultra Violet on the left, my A5 Finsbury in purple in the middle, and my Personal size Domino in Grape at the right, to give you a color reference.

The A5 Domino came loaded with a July 2011-December 2012 horizontal week on two pages (AWESOME) and ALSO a 2011 vertical week on two pages with the days as columns!  Thank you Filofax!!

Inside the July 2011- December 2012 weekly pages there are Course Record and Timetable pages that would be handy for students (or teachers, parents, and anyone else who keeps track of students).  There are also pages of holidays for lots of countries for 2011 and 2012.  I was very excited to find that all the holidays for Indonesia for both years are listed! There are also pages that list Notable Dates and Religious Holidays for various religions for all of 2011 and 2012.  These are very handy reference pages!

Also loaded on the rings are A-Z tabs, 1-6 tabs, several pages of colored paper, address pages, To Do forms, a black ruler page marker and a clear top-opening envelope.  It is very nicely kitted out and has everything you need to get started on your plans for world domination.

The inside of the interior pockets is lined with purple fabric, which is much more purple than my photo shows. (I wish the cover were the purple color of the pocket lining.)  The Domino has a great interior layout with card pockets and a full-length pocket behind, and a notepad inside the back cover.  And the A5 Domino has two elastic pen loops to hold pens of any size!

The A5 Domino binders are great because the cover is very lightweight and the rings are huge, so you can really load it up and it still doesn't weigh as much as a filled leather binder.

I have an A5 Domino in red that I bought last year, which you can read about here.  (And if you do click through to that post, you'll notice my last line was, "If they come out with a purple one you can bet I'll get it!" True to my word!!)   As much as I love my other A5 Domino, I always wished for a color that's more "me."  (As my husband says, I'm not a "red" person.)

Even though the Ultra Violet isn't as purply as I would prefer, it's still a really beautiful color. In fact, I have to be honest and say that this color is more professional-looking than a very purply purple would be. I would be happy to use this binder at work or home.  I'm very glad to have it!

In fact, I love this new Filofax so much it's already throwing me into a planner quandary. This is definitely a possibility as my Planner for my New Life in Indonesia!


  1. haha laurie i love your posts! today i was working in the library and got distracted by your posts on plannerisms about the measurements of daily spaces and felt very pleased for you that you'd come close to planner perfection. four hours later and the a5 domino throws a spanner in the works! in a selfish way i hope you never find planner perfection. i enjoy reading details of your quest too much!


  2. LOL Jess! Yes at this rate, just when I figure out what works my circumstances will change and I'll need/ want something completely different! I am so smitten with this new Filofax that it is making me question my entire system.

  3. @Laurie--So pretty! I was debating a new A5 for use in the kitchen as a home binder...love the vertical weekly insert as well.

    Wonder when we Yanks can get our little grubby hands on one? I know the shipping expense is a bit high from the UK to USA...

    As Jess said, you did sound quite settled in the planner debate, but then along came this A5 cutie...good luck remedying that! Thanks always for your enthusiastic posts. I am still all geeked out over my recently acquired personal Malden. A colorful A5 would be so nice, however...

  4. Laurie, it is absolutely gorgeous! It makes me smile just looking at it. I'm sure it will be a joy to use.

  5. Looks like a pretty color. Apparently NONE of the new products or colors are coming to the United States.

  6. The color on the FF-site is so very purple, and your binder looks totally blue to me!?
    I'm with Jess. I would love for you to find your one perfect planner, but for myself, I hope the quest will continue a bit longer, cos I love to read your posts!

  7. Oh my GOD I freakin' LOVE IT!!! It's the perfect color! Congratulations. :)

  8. Ooh! Pretty!I hope you enjoy it. I was also enjoying your post today Laurie about space in different planners. I love the mathematical approach!

  9. Thanks everyone! :)

    Jotje, I tried different settings on my camera but every time the photos came out too blue. In these the cover looks pretty much straight-up blue. But in the link I gave to the Filofax page you can see the real violet color. Compared to a "true" purple it looks bluish. Violet is a very accurate description of the color--that not-quite-purple, not-quite-blue color. It's very nice. :)

  10. Laurie
    Try it in full sunlight outdoors. Any form of artificial light will alter the colour temperature of a picture. You can correct this but it's difficult to get it absolutely right.

  11. Thanks Steve, I'll try that when our weather clears up. Today wasn't an "outdoor" day for my new Filofax! ;)

  12. I think it is lovely although it does look quite blue in the pictures. I could see more purple on the Filofax site. It is great you get the different inserts. There should be loads of space to write.

  13. Very pretty. I love my bronze domino - it's a real workhorse Filofax. I've never been very keen on the plain colour domino's but this looks a pretty colour. Hope you solve your planner dilemma. I think we all jsut have too many options!

  14. New Filofax for new beginnings and this looks just gorgeous!! Enjoy!!

  15. To give credit where it's due: Many thanks to Jotje for pointing out to me in the new Filofax catalog that the Domino comes in Ultra Violet this year! I hadn't even noticed it until she pointed it out! So, thank you to Jotje for leading me to this beautiful Filofax! :)

  16. Love the color Laurie! Wait, didn't you just move to Scotland?! Now you are moving to Indonesia??!! You are quite the adventurer! Tell us more!