14 March 2011

My tabs setup in my new A5 Domino

I set up my tabs in my new A5 Domino this weekend. I previously posted about letting my Filofax evolve organically, and that has worked for the most part.

I realized quickly that most of my standard info needed to go in right away like family addresses and phone numbers, and accessories like my world map, sticky notes and calculator.

Many of my standard tabs went in, but some tabs that I used to have in my Personal Filofax didn't get reproduced in my A5 because I don't need them now.

I used the colored sticky flags from the Filofax sticky notes accessory to label the numbered tabs that came pre-loaded in my A5.  To create the purple color for the Me section I layered a pink sticky over a blue sticky.

You can see my tabs setup below (click on the photo for a larger view):

Near the front of the book I have an Emergency tab, where I will keep emergency contact numbers and information for medical and car insurance.  In a country where you can't dial 911 or 999 in an emergency, I need to have my entire list of emergency numbers easily accessible.

Next is a Planner tab, behind which is the Filofax year at a glance, month on 2 pages and weekly planner pages.  I have weekly planner pages all the way through the end of 2012, and as soon as I can I'll get a 2012 monthly calendar too.  This section is very thick with almost 2 years' worth of pages, but I like being able to plan so far ahead so I'm willing to deal with the bulk and weight.

After the thick Planner section, the tabs start from the top again.  Right now each section only contains a page or two, but I will add pages as I need them.  The tabs are:

Lists contains my to-do lists, projects and other ongoing things.

Me right now holds my strength training regimen, and I plan to add Goals and inspirational quotes into this section.

Blogs is a new tab in my setup. I realized it's nice to have a handy place to write down post ideas and keep lists of what's been posted and what's yet to post. 

International is a standard tab for me, where I keep my world map and other maps, frequent flier and hotel rewards numbers, and other info I need when traveling or making reservations.

Indonesia is a new section, for my new place. I plan to keep all local contacts and info consolidated here.

Financial is also a standard tab for me, but one that normally gets rarely used. This time I plan to really use it to keep track of bank accounts, expenditures, and savings.  My Filofax calculator lives on the rings directly behind the Financial tab, which I find extremely handy.

Behind that are my address tabs and pages, then my clear zip-pocket, a clear top-opening pocket, and a business card holder page, all of which are empty right now.

Because I have from now through the end of next year's monthly and weekly pages already in my Filofax, it's pretty thick already. As the year goes on, I know I'll be adding pages in the tabbed sections. There's still plenty of room on the Domino's huge rings, but I have to decide whether I want to lug around such a big and heavy book. Something I've considered is removing August-December 2012, which would lighten it up a fair amount and still take me through the end of the next school year.

I am really enjoying my new Filofax! Stay tuned for updates! :)


  1. Since I just got my Snake Domino, I was thinking of using that instead of my Personal, but lugging it around would be so difficult! You've giving me some inspiration, though, so thanks!

  2. Since moving to France and stopping my previous career, I think I will reinvent my A5 so that it fits more with my new life here in France.

    I have a Finsbury A5, the main advantage of course being the larger ring size which I think it shares with the Domino, to it can hold a lot of pages!

    I'm looking forward to sitting down with it over the next few weeks and deciding what sections I need.

    Thanks Laurie for the inspiration.

  3. I've just seen the Domino's going fairly cheap in the WH Smiths sale (£18!!!), and I think this may have sold me on it. I didn't even think how easy it would be to just use normal A5 tabs, and use a hole puncher.

    I can see tomorrow being a very expensive shopping day!


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