31 December 2010

My Review of 2010

Well the last day of 2010 and what a year it has been for Philofaxy.

For me the year started off fairly low key, but then we got to about April and the horse sort of bolted out of the gate and I've been on a high ever since.

So some key posts/events to look back on and read again....
  • Firstly one of my own 'fun' posts: The Filofax Obituary 
  • Laurie and myself meeting up in London which whilst it was only for a few hours it generated a lot of posts in the weeks after we had met such as:
  • Laurie's visit to the Filofax store in Conduit Street
  • We also started our Skype Roundtable conferences;
  • In May my wife Alison (the hand of Philofaxy) and I moved to France and in September we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. In August Laurie and her family moved to Scotland.... just before it started to snow!
  • The Philofaxy Flickr Group continues to grow in the number or great images, there is also a discussion group within the Flickr group page;
  • The use of Twitter has continued to grow during the year and it has brought a lot of the readers/users together, sharing information and chatting;
  • Our Reader Under the Spotlight series proved very popular;
  • The London Meet-Up was one of the main highlights of the year and I'm looking forward to the next one in 2011;
  • The Yearbooks have been well received... 2010 Yearbook will be published soon.
  • In late October on behalf of Philofaxy, Oni attended the champagne launch of the Filofax Gourmet Gift Box set which Laurie reviewed;
  • In October we also celebrated our 5th birthday with a post from the founder.. thank you Philofaxer.
  • This review of the year would not be complete without a mention of some of the excellent Guest Posts we have received, thank you to you all, they have all proved to be very popular; 
  • And finally this week saw the posting of the Filofax Buyers Guide
  • Another thank you to all of you who have supported our charity donations to Breast Cancer Awareness during 2010 and in to 2011.
In terms of my own usage of Filofax organisers I started off the year using my A5 as my journal and my Slimline Personal as my appointments diary/wallet. Then I created total chaos in August by swapping to the Pocket size for my appointments diary/wallet and posted several posts about the change over! Sorry if I caused you any grief with all these changes, but I think a few other people made similar changes too.

For 2011 I'm in the process of moving up to my new A4 Classic as my desk journal / planner. Time will tell if this size will work for me or not, you can be sure I will post about it. 

In doing this very quick review of 2010 it has been difficult to know what to include and what to leave out, so many posts to look back though.

Thank you all for your comments and contributions during the year, it has been great fun for me and I hope just as enjoyable for you.
All the best to you and your families for 2011.

Best regards

[Click the photo to see a full size version of this collection of photos from the Philofaxy meet in November]


  1. I only really discovered the world of blogging in late august/ sep 2010 ( helped by the iPad) and was pleased that I had managed to read all the mentioned posts :-) The highlight for me was the November philofaxy meet up as it was wonderful to actually meet some lovely people and I am looking forward to more.
    Also Steve do you have any possible dates for 2011? It was so enjoyable I don't want to miss the next meet up due to on calls or travel!
    Well done, all the Philofaxy contributors and readers who make the community so much fun. This blog is really special and I think it brings joy to many people. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi CP
    I'm looking at dates in Spring at the moment.

    I'm back in UK again for a couple of weeks towards the end of next week on family business up in the North West.

    But there is another slot coming up in March, the weekend of the 26/27th March, but that is very provisional at the moment!

    Retired but still need a Filofax or three to keep life on track!


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