06 November 2011

Philofaxy Yearbooks

As with the previous years, we are making the blog posts for 2011 available in pdf and Epub formats. With the files in these formats you should be able to pop them on to most eReaders (Kindles etc), netbooks, tablets and be able to read, search and browse through the posts from the very start of the blog back in 2005.

I was just checking out the site I use to convert the blog in to pdf files and uploaded the file for January to the end of October. It converted it ok, but oh boy 'Houston we have a problem' the pdf file that came back was over 1100 pages in total and over 24 MB in size... 'We're going to need a bigger boat'

Hmmm interesting! So to get around the problem I could have cut out the comments... but then again there's a lot of useful information in the comments. So instead I've split it up in to Quarters 1, 2, 3 and 4. This reduced the file size of each download considerably! Q1-Q3 (January - September) are now available to download and enjoy... and Q4 will be along early in the New Year.

PDF Format

ePub Format
As you can see some of the files are still quite big, so please be patient downloading them.

If you find these yearbook files useful, you might consider making a donation to the BlogBooker site that helped me create the files.


  1. This is great Steve! Which site do you use to make the pdfs?

  2. You are a star - thank you Steve! It is a testament to the popularity of this site that the files are so large! (Or do we all 'talk too much'?)

  3. Hi
    The site is here:


    It's a free on line service and for those size files it did take a few minutes for it to process the files, so be patient, just leave it to run.

    There are other sites about that provide similar services including some that offer to print to paper too.


  4. Steve - thanks for your work on these - much appreciated.

  5. Steve, there is a free download package called Nitro a PDF one I discovered, which allows you to fill in PDF forms at home. Not really relevant to your needs I think, but thought it worth the mentioning anyway, in case it is useful to you in other ways. What a brilliant idea to split the year book into quarterlies. Thanks for all your hard work. Just LOVE Philofaxy. xx

  6. Thanks Jane
    On the Mac you can do most things with PDF's within it's own Preview application.

    I think we might end up doing quarterly updates if we continue to be able to do as many posts per year as we currently are about 500 may be this year! Obviously subject to being able to think of things to write about!


  7. Brilliant work! The PDFs are a great reference resource.

  8. Steve - if you start to run out of steam with articles you can always ask us for ideas - I'm sure we could all come up with several ideas and of course some of the older topics may need refreshing as new things develop.

  9. Wow, thanks Steve! I would love to have these on my Kindle to read and re-read! I totally appreciate your dedication and hard work that make this blog so wonderful. xx


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