01 February 2011

Breast Cancer Campaign - Donation Made

Hi Everyone.
Thank you for your support in the last 6 weeks, by way of your purchases from Filofax UK via Philofaxy we managed to earn nearly £81 in commission. I've just made a donation to Breast Cancer Campaign with this money and added a donation of my own:
Dear Mr Morton

Thank you very much for your generous donation of £100.00 to Breast Cancer Campaign. You have also allowed us to claim Gift Aid which will add an extra 28p to every £1 you have donated, for which we are most grateful.

Thanks to research, more women than ever before are beating breast cancer and your gift is vital to our continued success.

Thank you once again for being one of the people whose generosity is bringing us closer to beating breast cancer.

With kind regards,

Arlene Wilkie
Director of Research and Policy

Have you made a New Year’s resolution to get fit? Then why not join one of Breast Cancer Campaign’s brilliant challenges and have fun and fundraise at the same time! We have a challenge to suit everyone – check out our events and sign up today!
Again thank you for your support. I will do a similar charity donation in a few months time. 



  1. Excellent Steve - it's great that you feel you want to do this so thanks from me.

  2. Steve thank you so much for doing this!!!

    And thanks too for everyone who clicked through from Philofaxy to buy their Filofax UK products. :)

  3. Well done Steve!!

    I wonder if such a thing could be done with Filofax U.S.? I would certainly support it.

  4. Awesome!

    I agree with crofter- is there any way to make this happen in the US? I would have loved to have helped with the UK campaign, but with international shipping there was just no way...

  5. Huurah! What a wonderful way to help a good cause!

  6. In today's news:


    Not good.. so all our efforts are worth it. I will be running another donation month or two soon.

    I will look in to the possibility of the US as well



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