08 July 2011

Monthly Pages

I've just added some new monthly personal page templates. They are:

And they are to be found in the files page.  These are in addition to the 13 column monthly page which is in A5 format only.

The main idea behind these new ones is that I know people like recording different data parameters every day. At the moment you might do that in your diary insert. But if you are using the personal week per page or a week on two pages, then the space available is possibly compromised by recording extra data there.

So I came up with the idea of a monthly page in 3, 4, 5 column formats each one already numbered 1 to 31 so it can be used for any month.

The headers are blank so you can use them for anything you record, for example, the weather, temperatures. Your daily calorie intake, exercise, mileage etc etc.

I also think that if you are looking for trends over a month seeing the data just on a single page like this will be easier to spot trends too.

As you can see the files are available in .doc and .pdf so you can download them print them or modify them with your own headings or what ever.

Use the printing personal pages guide to print these on personal size paper. If you are double siding them, wait for the paper to cool before doing the other side. 

I hope they prove useful.


  1. Steve, these forms are great, thank you. I make my own with graph paper, but they lack the"serious" and "official" feeling that a real form offers.

  2. @M Ng, how do you make your own graph paper? Just make an excel sheet and print it off or ?? I'm a big fan of quad ruled/graph paper and would love to print my own!

  3. Terriknits,
    I don't make my own graph paper, I make my own monthly pages using store-bought graph paper. I suspect you could, however, print off your own quad-ruled paper using excel or word.

    (If I were to print my own, I would print 2-sided letter-sized pages with minimum printer margins, trim two personal-sized sheets and punch to fit. I've done this before, but I no longer have a good guillotine/paper trimmer, and I only have a tiny single-hole paper punch, so it's a pain to do this!)

    Here is a website that offers various graph paper/note paper templates for printing. You can even print asymmetric graph paper that's supposed to be handy for knitting patterns!

  4. @M Ng - OOhhhhh! That's what you meant! Thanks for the links - I've got some of the filo computer paper, so I might mess around with that. The knitting graph paper is awesome, as well!