30 July 2011

Playing with personal size week on two pages formats

After my post about Filofax Wishes and my complaint about wanting more variety in diary formats, I decided to play a little bit with week on two pages possibilities.

It's hard to find a week on two pages format in the Personal size that I like. I prefer days as columns, but the columns have to be really narrow to fit in the personal size pages.

So I tried something else. I divided each page into 4 rectangles and experimented with days and a space for notes.

First I tried having Monday through Thursday on the left page and Friday-Sunday plus notes on the right. (Click photos for larger views.)

But, this layout didn't flow very well throughout the week.

So instead I tried having Monday through Wednesday plus Notes across the top row, and Thursday through Sunday across the bottom, and I liked that better.

Here it is in my Filofax:

What do you think about this layout? Is this a weekly layout you would like to use?

Does anyone know of a brand that already prints this layout in the weekly pages?


  1. Not the same as your layout... but the same 'area' for each day as yours.

    English only... but with international holidays...

    In Cotton Cream... I offer you...


  2. What a great idea, it makes great sense and you still have a reasonable amount of space for each day. I haven't seen anything like it in print, I wish Filofax would get a little braver in their formats. Perhaps if they see all the great ideas coming from the Philofaxy gang maybe they would get a little adventurous. Good job I might have a play around with your idea.

  3. WH Smith's A5 is a little similar, Notes and evening appointments at the side of each day, and Saturady and Sunday in one block at the end of the week. Good if your weekends are not chocka block. Worth looking to see if their personal layouts are similar and would suit you?????? Warning however..... although I love the layout, the paper quality is poor. A shame.

  4. Sorry Laurie, I've just re-read your post and spotted your requirement for column rather than row format... but my same area comment still stands I think.

    I have actually got the 2012 version I linked to already for my Malden for next year....

  5. never seen a brand with this layout before but i am thinking of using the smythson one week on two pages format


  6. Hey just had another thought, what about doing the same as your original idea, but horizontally! Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday on one page, and Thursday, Friday, Sat & Sun on the next page but Sat & Sun share a line?


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