02 July 2011

Old versus New

We hear a lot about the 'vintage' Filofax organisers and the Winchester is a prime example of Filofax organisers in the 1980's.

I use my Winchester as my 'French Language' reference book, it has some pre-printed inserts in it and plenty of note paper, for when I go to my French classes. It's not had a very hard life since I got it back in 1985/86. In those 25 years or so I would say it's been in regular use for about 10 years of that time.
So comparing the Winchester to the Malden, you will see that the Malden is slightly bigger in overall height and width.

However, as you can see the binder is fully 'broken in' !

But they are the same ring size!

OK the Malden does have more pages in it and a very different internal design, but it's quite striking how different they are in thickness. As you might expect the Winchester lays perfectly flat, although I can't remember if it did when it was the same age as the Malden (3 months old).

We have a long wait to see what the Malden is like in 25 years time! I hope I'm still around to see it...


  1. Thank you so much for this post. I'm always smitten when I see a Winchester but I keep forgetting that the newer range has got a good vintage feel. The Malden is surely growing on me...

  2. the leather on the winchester looks so beautiful and worn. i bet it smells amazing!

  3. Your idea of using a filofax for language learning is brilliant! I'm teaching myself Russian, and I have a pocket Cavendish filo which will be without purpose after my holiday in Cornwall next week. It shall be my Russian filofax! For £8-ish from eBay it was amazing value :] Adamski.