16 July 2011

Personal Templates Using Filofax Computer Paper - Guest Post - Gerard

After a few years experimenting with different systems, I've recently "come home" to Filofax and it’s amazing to find such a lively online scene among Filofax fanatics – with Philofaxy leading the charge, of course.

I bought my first Filofax in London in the eighties heyday, and I’m currently alternating between a black Sandhurst and a brown Crocodile Dundee, both in Personal size. I have fond memories of the huge number of forms available then, so my second surprise after resurrecting the Filofax was to discover how few forms are now available.

Recently I found Steve’s review of “Filofax Facts” on Philofaxy and since getting my own copy I’ve re-created some of the discontinued forms – and some newer additions – for printing on Filofax Computer Paper (Ref. 130806) to produce Personal size pages.

The list of templates uploaded today is as follows:
Steve has very kindly uploaded these to the Files section, where you’ll find that each form is set up to produce three double-sided Filofax Personal pages per A4 sheet. The templates are in PDF format, and it's important to manually set up the print output, i.e. select A4 paper size with landscape orientation, and de-select page scaling, centring and rotation which Acrobat and similar programmes often enable by default. The Filofax paper is quite light, so I also suggest manually duplexing the sheets, allowing some time for them to cool down and flatten out between print runs in order to prevent jamming (thank you Imy for that great tip).

Hopefully some readers will find these useful, and hopefully they’ll print out properly for everyone and generally behave themselves. If you try them out, please leave some feedback in the comments below. I’m also open to suggestions for new or improved templates of any sort, so again do please leave a comment.


Thank you Gerard for your time and patience for creating these new templates.


  1. Wow!! What an interesting post. It must have taken you ages to do these. I shall certainly use the shopping and To Be List. Both very handy. The packing list too is fabulous. Thank you!!

  2. Very nice! This almost makes me want to go back to personal from A5.

  3. @Gerard: Thank you very much!! I already tried some of the templates and they work just fine!
    Recently I had to downsize from Personal to Pocket to reduce the weight I am carrying (good reason to buy a new Filofax;-)) and I am experimenting with creating my own templates for this format. I especially like the option of printing on the perforated Filofax A4 paper - but I still have to find out how to create templates for printing on both sides of the paper correctly.......

    1. I have been unsuccesful in printing the perforated Filofax paper 9 cm x 17 cm in my Brother printer. I keep receiving messages "Wrong Paper Size". Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  4. Thank you Gerard, these templates are fantastic.

  5. Thank you so much, Gerard. I can't wait to try them out!

  6. I love these and admire your patience in recreating them.
    I had a pack of the paper and the annual leave sheet I tried printed out well, once I remembered to set the duplexing option to flip on the short edge of the paper.

  7. Thanks for all your comments - more templates to follow soon. By the way, it's fairly straightforward to reproduce these to print on single plain Personal sheets, if anyone is interested.

    @Sari, I produced these on a Mac using iWork, which has fairly decent page layout capabilities.

  8. Gerard,

    Would you reproduce these to print on single plain personal sheets?

    That would be great.


  9. Is there an editable template for printing on the Filofax Personal Printer Paper?

  10. I'm working on a template to print onto the Filofax Computer paper Personal size Ref 130806.
    Let me know if you want a copy when I'm done.


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