29 July 2011

Aqua Finsbury personal size Filofax

Here's my new personal size Aqua Finsbury Filofax!
I tried different lighting and backgrounds to try to show the true color, and this was as close as I could get in my house, but it still doesn't represent the brightness of the Aqua color!

I love the super-saturated color. I first saw this at the Filofax shop in London last year and I thought the color was gorgeous. Who knew it would be discontinued so quickly?!?  I was really lucky to nab this one at www.ILovePens.co.uk before they were all sold out.

Here is a close-up of the closure strap. I like the simplicity of the smooth closure.

I really like the interior layout of the Finsbury, maybe because it's close to the layout inside my first Filofax, which is a Buckingham.  Card slots and handy full-length pocket inside front cover:
 Full size zip pocket in back, with all-leather pen loop:
My Aqua Finsbury came with week on two pages diary inserts for all of 2011 AND all of 2012! Thanks I Love Pens! :)
Even though I don't normally use all the standard tabs, for some reason I still prefer these designations over the numbered tabs that come in some binders.
I've been wanting this Filofax for awhile and am really happy it's here! Here are some of the enablers bloggers with Aqua Finsburies of their own that encouraged my wanting one: Zoe, Caribbean Princess, Qavit and especially Twinkleberry (whose photos I find so inspiring!!).  So, thank you all for making me want this Filofax because I'm really glad I have it!!


  1. Gorgeous! It is a fantastic colour isn't it? Have fun with it.

  2. Love the color. Aqua anything always catches my eye. Maybe because my parents painted our new home Aqua back in the early 60s. Enjoy.

  3. I have recently set up an A5 Finsbury in Aqua as a work FF. When I can figure out Flickr, I'll upload some photos. The colour is fantastic. Enjoy yours.

  4. The aqua finsbury is so utterly gorgeous! I am on a Filofax ban so I need to enable others! Hehe.

  5. oh that colour is really gorgeous! Nice score!

  6. Its beautiful - I've recently acquired an A5 version which I plan to set up as an inspiration / book / happiness / something binder. Just haven't had time yet - but I do keep getting it out and stroking it!

  7. Photos really don't do the colour justice, although you did a lot better than i could manage!
    Love it :o) x

    Ps have just ordered another Filo - the bad habits this site causes .... <3 lol x

  8. What a wonderful colour! I managed to resist buying some that were on eBay recently :)

    The aqua mini Finsburys are on sale for £26.25 on Filofax UK at the moment!