03 July 2011

Reader Under The Spotlight - Imy

So today we placed Imy under the spot light...


I'm sure most of you know me from such places as Imysworld and Youtube and Twitter @imysworld, for those of you who don’t check it out, but I'm here today to tell you all about my Filofax obsession! And I'm not only obsessed with Filofaxes, I'm also obsessed with Roller Skating and Apple! I am a Secretary and have a PSD (Private Secretaries Diploma), I can put those letters after my name, but it sounds a bit silly!

I love the commuinity of Philofaxy it makes me feel very welcome and at home! I'm a bit hyper and excitable like a puppy dog and I hope you enjoy this! And also today is my birthday so Happy Birthday to me! I’m 21 today!!! YAY

1. When did you buy your first Filofax and what was it?

The first Filofaxish ever product I bought was a Funfax around the age of 7, I bought so many (well saying I bought them may not be true, my parents bought them for me) , I had a Finding Nemo, Horse Care, Ratatouile, I cant remember all but that was a few of them, the first was the Horse Care. The first Filofax I bought was a pocket Demin one, I don’t even remember the name or where it is now, but I was around the age of 10, then throughout the years I have bought other ones, throughout college I used my Ratatouile FunFax and put Filofax pages in, as I thought that rat was so cute, yes an 18 year old carrying a Ratatouille Fun Fax! It was very practical as well as it was completely clear front back so you could slot any pictures you wanted to make it really personal! Oh I loved that Funfax!

2. What other brands have you used or considered using?

I once tried the Collins Executive diary, its kind of like the flex, as it has a slot in diary, I really liked the paper as it was yellow, but I liked having the rings in the Filofax too much, and it was not pink! Oh and at the moment I’m test driving a Dodo Pad hehe!

3. Out of the organisers you own which is your current favourite (Style and Size)?

At the moment it is between my Personal Black Amazona, Pink A5 Finsbury and Chilli Red A5 Cuban Zipped, if only Filofax made something along those lines but squashed it all together and then I am not sure what it would come out with, but I'm sure it would be BEAUTIFUL!

I have also got a Special Edition Pocket Filofax in the post I believe….I’m not 100% sure at this moment in time! But I may have it by the time this is posted if I do, will tell you in the comments hehe!

4. How many Filofax organisers do you own?

I think I have 8, (well I counted 8 tonight so im just going to go with that, but when I list them it doesn’t work out, so we shall just leave it at that) I'm not 100% sure as I thought I had one or two more…. I have four A5’s, Pink A5 Finsbury, Chilli Red A5 Cuban Zipped, Black A5 Strata, Black Metrapol Zipped (my boyfriend uses it, but I paid for it so I count it as one of mine) 2 Personal, Juicy Grape Personal Domino, Black Amazona Personal, 1 Slimline, Scarlet Adelphi, (Maybe - 1 pocket, Black Filofax Special Edition). And I have a Flex by Filofax A5 in Magenta.

5. What do you use your Filofax for?

Well at the moment I am using my Personal Amazona as a vault to save all the stuff I want to put in the Malden when I get it (but I really need to set it all up, I did a post about it and havent finished sorting it all). I am going to use the Special Edition one as my everyday diary (when I get it, if not just the Malden), and as soon as the Flex is in date I'm going to use it as a journal and write what I have done every day just for memory! (Which the Flex came in date on Monday last week YAY).

6. What was the feature about Filofax you like most?

You can personalise it so much and make it your own, they just have no boundaries other than you cannot make phone calls on them but then that’s what public phone boxes and mobiles are for! I just love the fact you can have EVERYTHING in one place and also it makes you look completely organised even if your 100% unorganised at least you can look it on the outside!

7. If you could design your own Filofax what would it feature?

Well I reckon Filofax just need to make more Pink Filofaxes, I'm a very pink person and there are not enough pinks, also I believe all Filofaxes should have the notebook slot, I'm slave to the notebook at the back! And also different diary layouts would be ace, but there isn’t too much I would change about the actual Filofax! I love Filofaxes, and I think if there was a smart phones slot or something it would just get too bulky, but maybe have one so I can have a strap so you don’t have to carry it and you can put it over your shoulder….ooooo Filofaxbag! It would be the best of both worlds! I also LOVE big rings and leather, so pink big ringed leather Filofaxes with note pad pockets are what Imy wants!

8. How do you carry your Filofax?

Depending on the Filofax I carry it in my hand or in my bag, the majority of the time in my bag, but if I'm spending a day away I will use one of those shopper bags to carry my beauty as I would have to carry lots of paperwork too, so that makes it all a lot better! But by golly cant a Filofax get heavy!

9. Which Filofax in the current range do you like the most? Are you going to buy it?

MALDEN MALDEN MALDEN MALDEN MALDEN MALDEN, I don’t know if you quite got an idea of which one I like there, and yes I am going to buy it! ASAP either next week for my birthday or in September at the meet up! Oh such hard decisions. But there are a few I like in the new Filofax catalogue which I might consider too, I want a room full of Filofaxes!

10. What is the most you have ever spent on a Filofax? Which model?

It was the A5 Cuban Zipped, which I believe was £90-£100 I just went to check the price and it seemed to of disappeared off the website??

11. Turning to Philofaxy, what do you like the most?

I LOVE THE COMMUNITY!! Its nice to feel at home with such nice people who are just as in love with Filofaxes as me and (cuddle them in bed) all the really lovely posts, there always so enlightening and helpful, and always seem to be relevant to what ever struggles I'm having!

12. And what do you not like about Philofaxy?

That’s like asking someone what do they not like about a Apple computer! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! I would not change one bit about Philofaxy! I love it all and I love you all! :-D

13. What was the last music album CD you bought or downloaded?

I pre-ordered Dj Fresh – Louder, that roller skating commercial song, as it makes me want to roller skate! But the last song I actually downloaded was P.I.M.P by 50 Cent, rather old now I know but sometimes you just get that feeling you want to listen to something to remind you of Childhood :-D It was the first place I had ever seen the original Apple iPod, before they were all big and popular and I had to have one, so I saved like crazy and was the first person in school to have one! Oh yeah, I'm a hard core Apple Nerd as well!

Thank you Imy for that great insight to 'Imysworld' I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing you a Happy 21st birthday, have a great day. We hope you have a very special day today.


  1. Yay! I enjoyed this. Imy is great! I can't wait to meet in September. Happy birthday Imy.

  2. Imy! Your sweet personality bubbled right through each and every response. Have the most lovely birthday ever!

  3. Think im buying the Malden tomrrow :-D hehe the Special STILL has not arrived lol xxx

  4. Have a wonderful birthday Imy! I love the Amazona - I have an A5 one and it has really grown on me! I also have a lovely Mont Blanc pen which looks very classy in my Black Amazona. This is now my official work filo! The pink Finsbury is the household and menu filo, and I have a snake bronze which will probably be my personal one. Except I found a A5 Aqua at an unrepeatable price so have snatched that - it is on the way - this will probably be my personal/happiness binder for the summer at least!

    I also have the pocket special edition which I use as my diary (week to view) - I use a day to a page in my work one for planning. It's great to have such a pretty filo to carry around and get out when checking dates! It is always admired when it emerges from my bag! I also keep one or two lists in there - especially anything I may want when I go shopping (non food). Loved reading all about you and filofaxes!

  5. Happy Birthday Imy! I just discovered your videos and have watched every one that you have about Filofaxes! You make me smile when I see how excited you get about them. I just ordered my first filofax, and I am impatiently waiting for it to arrive... I hope you have a GREAT day!!

  6. Happy 21st Imy! I hope you get yourself a Malden to celebrate. Love your videos!

  7. @Alison! Glad you got the aqua! :-)

  8. @CP - thanks - it's odd thought as I didn't like the Aqua when it first came out, now I love it! I wonder if the time of year has anything to do with it? I tend to use Turquoise ink a lot in my fountain pens in the summer, whereas in the winter I use a very dark Violet or Green.

  9. Loved reading this.... (and can not wait to hear about your new Malden). Looking forward to meet in September.

  10. Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone!!! :-D

    I have bought my Malden in Crimson and then a hour or less later i got a text that my Special Filofax turned up at home :-D hehe FILOFAX OVERLOAD!!! Reveal video TONIGHT ;-) xxx

  11. Happy Birthday, Imy!

    I love your videos and can't wait to see the Malden review. (Still going to resist, though....)

    @Alison--Lucky you! I've been pining for an A5 Aqua (not that I NEED it--this is purely an Id response). Congrats on getting such a good deal.

  12. oh man - happy BELATED birthday! hope it was a good one and that you have a great year!

  13. Cindy - How long for tho! :-) hehe Im going to do a whats in my malden today if i have time blog post hehe

    Thank you

    Ohlittlecloud - Thank you so much, thats so sweet :-)

    SNARLing - Thank you :-) I had a very good one thank you :-) xxx

  14. I am a little late on this - great interview Imy! I hope your birthday was wonderful.

  15. Kanalt - My birthday was the best 21st a girl could wish for thank you :-D

    I always get so excited every time i see my little face come up under a post hehe :-D


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