12 July 2011

Free For All Tuesday No. 23

So as we enter the last six months of the year do you start to question or wonder what diary should I think about using next year?

But whatever your choice might be, fire away with any Filofax questions you have for us this week.


  1. I thought I was the only one to start this early :)

  2. Does anyone use their filofax for managing goals and projects plus any progress? If so how do you do this?

  3. I have been trialing this week the 2 page per day layout as I have realised I am writing more and more things down each day, and my cream week on 2 pages is getting rather full! I am enjoying the 2ppd layout alot, however I was shocked to hear yesterday the 2012 refill is £20.50! So suggestions please, no how I could replicate a similar layout at a cheaper cost?

  4. @sharon. How about creating your own using Outlook?


    You can do a Day on Two Page format in that.

    Size could be a problem I realise, but A4/A5 would be easy to create.

  5. @sharon...20 is really a lot. What about to use day per page and add blank page between?

    I was thinking about horizontal WP2P. Has anybody used it? Any con?

  6. Katka - I have in the past used horizontal wp2p view and I found it really annoying having to turn my Filfoax each time to see what I had on!

    I may try DPP with a lined sheet in between and see how that works, may be a solution, but I REALLY like the 2ppd layout! LOL!

    Steve, many thanks for the line off to check it out! Yes size could be an issue as I use personal especially when out, won't be carrying an A5 out the house any time soon! Except maybe in Sept! LOL!


  7. Can anyone tell me if the Malden leather is similar (or as soft) as the Finchley leather? I don't have a retailer near me that stocks a Malden for me to handle.

    I'm pretty rough on my planners so I'm trying to decide between the Finsbury and the Malden.

  8. I'm confused Finsbury or Finchley compared to Malden?

  9. I have one of each style--Malden, Finsbury, and Finchley. I love my crimson Malden best, but Finchley is a close second. No comparison to the Finsbury (sorry, Fins Filos! Just not as soft and supple).

    @AlisonReeves I am working on this in my home and work Filofaxes. And while I don't want a bunch of tabs bulking thinks up, I think I may need to separate things more cleanly. Have you seen the printables at getbuttonedup.com? It is colorful and allows space for a goal and action steps.


    I printed some for my A5--without the visual, I get sidetracked. :)

  10. Sorry for the confusion, Steve. I'm trying to decide between a Finsbury and a Malden.

    I have a couple of Finchleys that I don't use because I am scared to scratch and since I can't feel a Malden to decide between the Malden and the Finsbury, I needed to know if the leather was as soft as the Finchleys. I don't want to have a Malden to add to my Finchley collection that are just sitting in their boxes unused.

  11. Yay, I've just started filling in my academic year diary, which begins in August. Cut down on the stickers a bit this year, but still using some!! Feel a bit of a traitor, as Filofax do not do an academic year diary in A5.... ie mid year, with a week on two pages and the vertical hours format..... so WH Smith diary it is. Actually prefer the layout, as it has a space for notes and evening appointments.But the quality of the paper is a bit thin. Made me feel positive....if I'm filling in the diary, then I've got to get a job for September!!

  12. @mystateofgrace - I have a (magic) Malden & it's pretty hard-wearing. It's been in my bag with all sorts of things & never got scratched.

    @Alison Reeves - yes, I manage goals/projects in my filo using the paper planner layout from Getting Things Done.

    I've been using a Dodo pad for organising my MITs (most important tasks from Zen Habits), but I'm not too sure as the boxes are quite small in personal size.

  13. Does anyone know where I can find an A5 Domino Snake filofax in bronze? They're all sold out on the Filofax website.

  14. alison - i'm working on my book being more goals and projects oriented. i started a post about the first part of my book: http://thesnarlingpost.blogspot.com/ and am working on the 2nd part. i had something all ready but then i of course i just had to do more fine tuning and it changed a bit so now i have to re-do part 2 post... arrghh. it's good tho. i'll get it eventually so it's all good

  15. shoot - forgot - becca i think filofax germany still has it. not sure what their shiiping policy is,(not sure where you live either) tho but i think steve wrote up a real nice detailed file about international shipping somewhere in here

  16. Some one called!!??

    It's here: http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/2011/04/filofax-delivery-options.html

    Also linked to from the suppliers page...


  17. sharon - why not a day per page with a to do page between them? that replicates the 2ppd quite well, with the check boxes etc. i also love the 2ppd layout but it is EXTORTIONATELY priced...!

  18. Hi all ~ I'm new to posting on this site. Love Philofaxy! I just received the Personal Vintage Pink Malden. LOVE the color. It's a true Magenta - not pink and not purple. And it's definitely not the color of pepto bismol! I'm also happy that it lays completely flat at first opening.

    Having said that, I'm not impressed with the texture or ring and binder closures. I had the impression that this particular style has "wonderful leather", but in fact, it's bumpy and course. My Finchley is much softer.

    The rings don't close smoothly either. I suspect that this is more of a manufacturing problem and not specific to the Malden. Nonetheless, it's a problem. Unfortunately I didn't find out about this problem until I started labeling the dividers and moving into the Malden. Can't return it now.

    Also the closure is not smooth. When I close my Finchley, the strap easily finds its way to the snap whereas with the Malden I have to fiddle and fuss with the strap to find the snap let alone secure it.

    I'm disappointed because I expected more given the rave reviews that seem to be universal among the FF community.

    Thoughts? Snorts? Comments?

  19. I am a lurker...this is my first post so be gentle ;)

    My system is working FAB for me. I have a Domino in personal size. I use the week on 2 pages diary but have a DoDo page inbetween so I can use it for recording work hours on the diary grid and to do lists on the other side leaving my diary pages free for my appts and other stuff. I also cut some index cards and punched them which I store at the back of my Filo which I add when I need them.

    Not sure how much sense I am making here...perhaps I should photograph them if anyone is interested?

    Btw LOVE the blog!

  20. Alison- I recommend the Franklin Covey starter pack as a succint and meaningful format for setting goals in your planner. You don't need to use their pages, just use them as a reference. You may try using different color pages for different projects or subdivide sections with post it durable tabs within your project tab.

    Mary- Although I love my pocket ochre Malden (the ochre leather is unique in the range and is a design well suited for the pocket)I have mixed feelings about the Malden also. I have a crimson personal Malden that is now sitting on the shelf. I also would like to add that I was not happy with the ring mechanism, nor the way the pages tilted when writing on them. The colors other than ochre also have a "painted" look and feel, yet the thickness and pliability of the the leather is very good. I think the ochre personal lies flat better and looks and feels more stained rather than coated (natural). The Finchley has a better quality ring mechanism and the leather is softer and more sophisticated. I think if people want a durable, cool, stuffable, flexible, casual leather with a notepad pocket that can take a little beating it works well. Filofax got a lot of things right with this planner but it needs some modifications.

  21. I have not so much a question as a request: Could anyone that used/is using a filofax to organise their university stuff give me any tips? I'm going to uni this September and have no idea how to go about organising it! I imagine I'll pick it up as I go along but would love some ideas to get me started.

  22. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who commented on my question. I am busy investigating the ideas you have suggested so it should keep me quiet for a while!

  23. @Katie, that is right up my street, I've just finished my BA and starting my MA, give me a couple of days and I'll respond. What size filofax are you using? And what is your course?

    Does anyone know where I could find a personal and/or A5 aqua finsbury now? I know they've been discontinued but I wonder if there are any cheap ones floating about? I've finally converted my friend to filofaxes and this is the one she wants, although she can't decide on size (mwahahaha!!! my plan to take over the world and turn them all into filofaxers commences!!)

  24. @Sally - I would be very interested in seeing your setup! I struggle with work and to-dos clogging up my small week on two pages space (I use a pocket). I could possibly make something like you describe work for me. Could you take pictures? I'm a visual learner :)

  25. TPS I bought my personal Aqua Finsbury on ilovepens.co.uk a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't all that cheap, but I was desperate to get one and they are completely gone from all the US websites!

    Here it is: http://www.ilovepens.co.uk/filofax-finsbury-aqua-personal-organiser-p514431.html

    And they have the A5:

  26. Hello,
    I posted for the first time a few weeks ago about getting my very first filofax.I recd it not long ago and I LOVE IT! It's a personal Cuban in chestnut and it couldn't be more "perfecter." It looks, feels, and smells good and I love pulling it out of my bag (especially when there is a real need to).I was in a meeting Saturday and noticed a woman about to break her neck to get a peak. I wanted to turn around and smile proudly, like a mom when someone is goo-gooing at your baby. I also bought a slimline Adelphi in damson (never heard that color before)that I have synchronized to the Cuban but on a small scale specifically for when i'm carrying a smaller handbag. This system is working out perfectly. I'm still setting them up to get them just like I want them. When they're configured just right, I'll feature them on my new blog (only 2 posts old) "The Right to Write." There, you will also see how I went from using a bound-book to the Filofax system.
    Thanks so much to Philofaxy for creating this wonderful, wacky world, and to Carribbean Princess. Your blog was the first I saw that featured a filofax and was the catalyst that started it all for me. (It's also especially interesting because my husband is from Trinidad!).
    Looking to more from Filofax and Philofaxy.

  27. I'm still all aglow with my crimson Malden personal - sooo fab! I'm waiting for some "two days per page" inserts to come, and hopefully that's going to be the best format for me. If so, I will use them for next year!

  28. @Laurie- thanks for your help! I just followed your link and unfortunately they are both not in stock! I wish my friend had told me a few weeks ago, I bought my A5 aqua Finsbury for only £20, I could have got her one too!!

  29. Yikes they are already sold out?!? I'm so glad I ordered mine when I did!!

    And let me just say, WHY in the WORLD did Filofax discontinue such a beautiful, classic color??? I'm not even sure it was available for an entire year. It seemed like it went so quickly.


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