10 July 2011

Web Finds - 10 July 2011

So what have we found for you this week:


    1. Having looked at a couple of those sites I see the common self-scrutiny of whether to use a Filofax or moleskin type bound journal. Other that the big kids who likes playing with filofax’s and stationery etc (cough, cough, I have a friend who's a bit like that!), invariably the writer knows the answer but doesn’t want to accept it.

      The moleskin takes up less space, is often slimmer, but has the disadvantage that many people feel disinclined to write up their true thoughts as they arise and therefore lose their concentration, train of thought, or even lose good ideas forever! A crime!

      My notes section is at the front of my general Filofax because of the importance of recording my actual and natural flowing thoughts and ideas. Such pages often contain odd words, lists of words, arrows, question marks merged into some kind of doodled picture/mind map type page which itself forms a journal of my thought processes and thoughts.

      Because a loose-leaf system provides the option to tear it up and thrown away any such page, reorganise them in whatever fashion, I don’t worry about writing neatly, I don’t worry about someone later seeing it and thinking I am disorganised, chaotic, or even mad, and therefore there is no pressure to interrupt and therefore corrupt my natural thought processes.

    2. Scoot, I definitely agree with you! I've considered (but never bought) moleskine before, but love the fact I can easily start over in my filofax. I love the flexibility my filo gives me. I hole-punch all sorts of notes, magazine articles & don't need to keep them there unless I want to. I've even carefully pulled apart a small Dalai Lama book & have that in the misc section.

    3. Steve--thanks so much for linking to my blog posts!

      @Scoot and Anita--that was exactly my problem with Moleskine! Though I loved how sleek and arty it looked on the outside, I found myself only recording appointments in it (which was handy, given that I had a newborn at the time and lots of doctors appointments.) But I felt a bit stilted--as if only important appointments or arty thoughts should be recorded in it.
      I absolutely love the flexibility of the Filofax system! If I want a section dedicated to "Names I would give to my band, if I had a band or any musical talent outside of drunken karaoke" all I have to do is creat a tab for said section. As gorgeous as my Filofaxes are on the outside, I can fill it with anything I want, and in any order, on the inside.

    4. I don’t believe in any god, but the mention of extracts from a Dalai Lama book makes me wonder why there isn’t a mini-bible or other such spiritual guidance as inserts for planners. The nearest I use is a list of inspirational and thought provoking quotes, sadly all based upon efficiency, discipline, hard work, concentration and metaphysics etc. Perhaps because so many people have a computer, printer, paper trimmer, hole punch and are therefore free to produce any insert required at minimal cost, the Filofax company etc shy away from producing such inserts; but I would have thought there is still a market for certain inserts.

      I have an amazing 30 page facts and figures book that includes everything from the weights and measures to morse code, trigonometry and the density of metals, but is sadly not the correct size for any planner and I can’t scale it with a photocopier. I would gladly pay for such a properly produced insert, also for a number of financial or language guides.

    5. scoot - you can scan each page of your book and save them as pdf files, place them in quark or indesign to layout, print, cut down to size, and 6-hole drill it. or have someone do it for you. it's a fairly simple job for a printshop - and if they're not too busy it shouldn't take any less than a day - about 2 hours worth of work really from start to finish. i wish i still had access to a print shop or else i'd offer to hook you up (if you live in the states) but laid off like 9% of my other fellow americans. too bad as i have a ton of graph paper i'd love to have cut down and 6 hole drilled---it wouldn't take that long...waaay shorter than ruler, exacto and single hole puncher - that's for sure


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