19 July 2011

Free For All Tuesday - No 24

So what intriguing questions do you have for us this week?


  1. Has anyone seen Aston yet? :(

    I will be staying near Court St. Stationers next month for my NY vacation (and Dark Shadows convention, oooooh), does anyone know if the store has a good selection of Filofax?

  2. Mrs G, we have reviewed the Aston here:



  3. Has anyone found a supplier for extra wide A5 dividers? Preferably in a plastic rather than card. I've found loads of A4 ones, but never A5, so may have to cut down some larger ones. My idea is the have tabs within tabs like other systems, but the outside set need to be winder to make it work visually.

  4. Not so much a question as a smug moment today!!
    I was meeting someone to get some info about a project I have become involved in (long story) and I took along my trusty filofax to jot notes on some paper in a new tab, labelled for the project. I had also had some preliminary information from someone else and I had printed it onto plain FF paper and put it in my FF ready for the meeting...
    Anyway, the meeting started, I fished out my FF and started jotting notes and the guy just looked amazed, then said I was super-organised...
    Anyone else getting praise for their FF this week?

  5. Amanda, everytime I happen to be in a meeting, I also fish out my personal balack Finsbury to make notes.

    This Finsbury has a GTD setup. You know, the usual @Notes/In, @Calendar, @Action Lists, @Agendas, @Projects/Goals, @Project Plans & Notes.

    "That is nice !! Where did you get it ?" is the automatic reaction, followed by a nice conversation regarding the Filo, personal "ERP's", etc.

  6. Was wondering if anyone knows the actual release date for the Aston Filofax?

  7. Has anyone ever seen an index card holder for a filofax? I write random notes on colored index cards and would like to have a way to flip through them in my binder. I'm thinking something along the lines of a business card/credit card holder but big enough for my 3x5 inch cards.

  8. Can anyone identify this particular Filofax?


  9. Steve,
    That model is an Eton. (I could make out the first three letters on the picture and took a punt on the last one!). It does look lovely.
    I googled the name to make sure I had it correct - one sold on ebay this week for over £240, so it looks like I may not be picking one up after all....

  10. Ah thank you, Yes the Eton. I've never seen one before, but looking at it from that angle, I like the pockets back and front on it, it looks like it could hold a lot of stuff.

    Yes the prices on Ebay are silly to extremes.

    I wonder if Filofax will replace it with a similar design in the future.

  11. tara - if you're talking personal size daytimer makes these transparent envelopes that are the perfect size for 3x5 cards:


    they also do this navigatable photo holder for 3.5x5 size:


  12. SNARLing - Thank you very much! I think the photo holder is going to be exactly what I wanted!

  13. @Steve Definitely an Eton, mine happens to be on sale on ebay right now:
    I currently have it set to US shipping only, but if someone overseas is interested I can change that.

  14. @gdigesu Do you operate a full GTD system from within a Personal sized Filofax? How do you find that works for you? Just asking, as I'm trying out various concepts for making the system work at the moment.....

    I have the David Allen paper on setup, but I find the page size is just too small for proper list-making

  15. @David
    Have you moved back to personal then? I thought you were switching to A5? Or was it just too heavy?
    Sorry - being nosey!