26 July 2011

Free For All Tuesday No 25

Dazzle us with your questions this week....


  1. Just nosing around, I came across this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Genuine-Leather-Filofax-Organiser-Business/dp/B004VRNG90/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1311669698&sr=8-17

    I'm not planning on buying it, but wonder if it's a proper filo? No sign of a F or any thing that I can see!

    My word verification today was 'unwoofa' which made me smile :)

  2. Hi Anita
    It looks pocket size and the ring spacing looks the same as Filofax pocket, not made by Filofax though. But very colourful all the same!

  3. Is there a diary that has the months on seperate pages to enable the jan-dec tabs to be used? All the ones I can find the months merge into one another so I can't do that :(

  4. Hi everyone. My name is Ashlene and I'm a long time lurker on Philofaxy. I've been obsessed with Filofaxes for about a year now and I have already managed to accumulate 9 of them (really don't know how that happened 8-/) and I'm currently lusting after a Crimson Malden in personal size. . I'm currently in the process of setting up my own blog so I hope I'll soon be able to share some pictures of my lovely Filos with you all. Looking forward to much Filofax discussion with you all in the future.

  5. @Anita/Steve
    I'm most intrigued to see that 'filofax' is labelled as 'clothing'! How does one wear it I wonder??

    Very good question! I don't think (happy to be corrected) that FF make a diary like that, despite selling the tabs. I know others have found FF personal -size compatable ones that do split the months like that, but I can't now remember who. DayTimer?

  6. Yes, Day-Timer has the tabbed months some of us covet. Dayrunner also has options. :)

  7. Franklin Covey has tabbed monthly pages where the back sides of the pages are lined (so are weekly and daily) so you can use month tabs, splice months into days or weeks etc.

    Franklin Covey Compact size pages are a little bit wider than Filofax Personal size pages but fit into a personal size binder just fine.

  8. Those dividers would work ok with a diary insert you printed your self... printing one month at a time so that you don't get the start and end of month on the same page.

    Just a thought...

  9. @Steve
    Printing the diary yourself is less tedious for A5 and booklet printing, but would be a bit more of a pain for personal-sized - even deciding to print onto personal-sized blank paper. And probably cost more (for the personal size)?

    I agree that for A5 it's a good solution!

  10. Started looking into buying a Personal size Filofax (up from Pocket size to get more writing room), so maybe I can get suggestions here. What I'm looking for:

    --Personal size, as mentioned.
    --Black, probably.
    --Simple look/design.
    --Leather, probably.
    --Easily lays flat.
    --Might prefer zippered, but not necessary.

    --Probably page per day, for room.
    --Would add tabs for at least Tasks, Projects, Contacts.

  11. Mccann, what about the new Holborn organiser, we got it in stock yesterday and it is beautiful, it is made from Buffalo hide and the smell is amazing, it lies flat easily as well. It is the best organiser for a man that they have produced in a long time

  12. shepcraig: Thanks, Holborn is a great suggestion. Looks good. I see it's not available on the US site, but presumably I could order from the UK site.

  13. My local WH Smith (Plymouth) is getting a Flex stand! It's empty at the moment, they haven't got the actual products yet, but I'm looking forward to a closer look at the Flex, although I don't think I'll get one (although I may be tempted!)

  14. I'm considering getting an A4 size & wondered if normal A4 punched pockets fit? Looking on the filofax site, they're different sizes & I'm not sure if say the Classic would be wide enough.

    Any feedback would be helpful :)
    (Steve, don't you have an A4 Classic?)

  15. Anita
    Yes I have an A4 Classic. The hole spacing is standard A4 four hole spacing with 80mm between the holes.

    I will pop a punched pocket in to my A4 and send you a photo later today if that's ok.


  16. @Anita - yes a standard 4 hole punch is fine for the A4 classic binder. I have one.

  17. @Steve/Alison Reeves
    Thank you guys, that's really helpful. I also asked Filofax & they said, "No these do not fit as the holes do not match up", which wasn't an answer I was expecting!

    What a great resource this site is for getting info from people 'in the know' :)


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