23 July 2011

Web Finds - 23 July 2011

Some more posts for you to read over the weekend.
    Enjoyable they certainly should be!

    You should also be aware of a new Yahoo Group called Time and Life Management set up by David Popely following discussions on Free For All Friday yesterday. The group is open for everyone to join in.  


    1. Oooh a bumper of web finds! Thanks for including me. I get off call in 1 hour and then my holiday officially begins! Yay!

    2. @CP...good for you. I can`t wait for my holiday.

      There are some new videos on youtube about Filofax bags.


    3. Just looked at the yahoo group. How do I join? Do I need to send an e-mail to the moderator? I have no experience of Yahoo groups.

      @CP - enjoy your leave. Rest up and have fun x

    4. Thank you so much for including me in your list :)

    5. Thanks for including me!! My blog stats just hit through the roof :)

    6. Thanks for adding me in your linky list. I will be back later to check out the others :-)

    7. thanks for adding me!!

      Really enjoy reading all the links you put up!


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