14 July 2011

Filofax Storage

What do you do with used diary pages or other inserts that you want to keep?  I think some people use other organisers to store used pages.

For Filofax A5, Personal and Pocket sizes Filofax sell Filofax storage binders

However one of our readers asked me a question about storing Filofax Mini pages.  Sure she could use another Mini organiser, but they are quite small to start with and therefore they don't hold that many pages.

The hole spacing on the Filofax Mini pages is the same as Filofax Pocket pages, but only 5 holes rather than 6 holes.

This means that you can slot Mini pages in to Pocket size including the Pocket Storage binders as shown in the photograph above.  But did you know that Mini pages also fit Filofax A5 binders too and you can fit them in two rows as it were, without overlapping and they only overlap the upper and lower edges of the A5 page by a couple of mm so this is another possibly viable solution for the bulk storage of Filofax Mini pages.

I'm not sure if this was a deliberate design thing by Filofax or it is just a 'by chance' thing, but I think it's quite a neat solution!

My own solution to storing A5 pages was quite a simple one. Picture if you will, me walking around a French supermarket clutching a tape measure. Going from department to department looking for suitable size box. Nothing in the stationary area, nothing in household. I found one in the laundry department, and it's perfect and only cost €3 with a lid too. But it means I can store my previous years diary pages in the bottom and my unused inserts in the top, sorted!


  1. Steve, I always have a little tape measure in my (not so) little bag. So handy!

    right now I have all my old planner books and pages in ugly old cardboard boxes in the bottom of my office calendar. I'll have to tink of something nicer for my beautiful Filo refills, though.

    My captcha code was "chips". Now I want some ...

  2. Oh this is interesting. I have made some thin (i.e. trimmed to sho date at top and only half the width) inserts to put between my day per page A5 pages to put some reminders, but if these fit so nicely they could be used for similar.

  3. Ive been wanting to get a box for ages but i have lots of old (well not old) filofaxes or that purpose :-)

  4. I dont have any shoe boxes :-( I never buy shoes :-(

  5. How many years' worth of diaries will the Filofax binder take I wonder...?? Thank you so much for the mini storage info.... REALLY good tip that!!

    Also, I use the Filofax stickers for Doctor appts, dentist and birthday reminders, but..... am left with a lot of travel stickers, gym etc I don't use. Does anybody use these and want my left over ones ie minus birthdays GP and dentist!!!! I'll post on. Or , any bright ideas for using them?? Seems such a waste to throw out half the little stickies!!

  6. I just have to share this, i ordered some Raybans a week or so ago maybe more, i only just took them out the box the box was in and guess what! Its about 1inch wider than Filofax inserts so now i have a box for keeping spare pages and other bits :-D YAY

  7. Love that the mini fits so well in the A5 - will be using that for sure.

  8. For those who enjoy vintage Filofaxes, I've uploaded photos of my old storage boxes in the Philofaxy Flickr group.

  9. I just got my. Filofax storage boxes.
    How do you open the box, to put the older pages in? I didn't want to break the binder . Is there a trick to pop it open Nd close it for storage? Thanks, Susan

    1. Is it a box or a binder? The boxes had a section that flipped forward or back. A hinged section.

      The binders have poppers at the top of the posts. In the first photo you can see the pocket one open.

      I hope that helps. Send me a photo of yours if you need more help. philofaxy at gmail dot com