31 July 2011

The Philofaxy All Stars Blog Tour

Football/Basketball teams do tours were they visit other teams and play friendly games, in places they don't normally play. So how about a team of bloggers known as the 'Philofaxy All Stars', touring around each others blogs and doing blog posts on each others sites?

The team would be 'managed' by Philofaxy so a 'fixtures' list would be known in advance and we would provide publicity for when the posts are going to be on line. The 'crowd' would hopefully follow the tour around the various sites and bring each blog more traffic and hopefully revisits as well.

So how do you join the 'team'? Simple, just email philofaxy at gmail dot com and ask to go on the list of 'players' Please include the address of your blog in your email. Please title your email 'All Stars'

How will this work? Well once the team has been assembled and some initial 'training' has taken place, we will start getting people to volunteer which blogs they would like to do a guest spot on. Whilst you can potentially guest post on every site in the tour, this might get a bit much if the team grows in size.

So if for instance the team grew to say 12 sites, but you only got 4 different people guesting on your site, you would only be expected to write 4 posts on those 4 visiting sites.

It will be up to the host and the visitor to agree the topic of the guest post (it might not be about Filofax organisers) and they will also agree the timing of publication.

The tour could start in say 2-3 weeks time, once we have established who is interested and we have settled our 'fixtures list. But there will not be a rush to complete all the fixtures, it is intended that they will be spread out over the months ahead until the end of the year. The intention being to space out the guest posts on the various sites to provide plenty of variety for readers (crowd).

I  have already approached a couple of people to see if they will be interested in being on the 'team' and they seemed very positive about joining in the fun. How about you?


  1. Greets... Today's New York Times discusses the Filofax vs. bytes controversy and the verdict is--people need digital, but they want (and love) paper.

  2. I'd love to join in the Philofaxy all stars blog tour.

  3. This sounds fun! :D What a smashing idea...

  4. So how do we get involved, Steve?

  5. Drop me an email and I will send you the details