02 July 2011

Philofaxy Meet Up - Rotterdam - 2 July

So today our friends met up in Rotterdam. From the short messages on Twitter it seems everyone enjoyed themselves.

From Left to Right: Rene (@raggl), Femke (@deligted) Judith (@J_is_hier) and Alice (@AdS) along with her DD Isabel. 

And what seems to become a tradition... the Filofax Pile... 12 Filos... 4 people... good average!!

Thank you guys for sending in the photos and I'm sure everyone will look forward to hearing more about your meet up once you have fully recovered!


  1. Oh yay! looked like so much fun. I can't wait to read more posts about it!

  2. Fantastic! What is the yellow one at the bottom of the pile? It looks very sunny!

  3. That yellow one drew my eye instantly, too!

  4. That huge one at the bottom is mine. Actually not a Filofax but an A$ Succes compatible with Filofax.

    We had a great time. More will be posted soon with details about odd calendar habits, what we use the books for, wishes, and more!

    By the way, the pile is only a selection ... neither Femke, Alice nor Judith brought all their books!

    We will definitely do this again!!!


  5. I love that 12 Filos for 4 people is only the tip of this crew's Filofax iceberg! Cannot wait to hear more about this meetup. :)

  6. Wow - great - sounds like you guys had fun! My eye was drawn to the yellow one as well - perhaps this is telling Filofax something?

  7. Looks like a fun meet-up! Also spotted the yellow one.... drawn to yellow in the summer - stunning x

  8. Haha--I, too, looked at the big, yellow one with yearning. Filofax needs more yellow covers!

    Glad you all had such a great time.


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