17 November 2011

Filofax Sale at Debenhams... and an offer from Rymans

Yes it's Sale time again folks... this time at the UK department store Debenhams. They have 20% off a range of quality Filofax Organisers. So let's see if you can clear their stock of these organisers !!!

And the link is here....

Good luck.

Also Rymans are offering Philofaxy readers a discount as well.

Click on the link to Rymans and the code is NV5OFF50 and it gives Philofaxy customers £5 off orders over £50. The code is valid until 30th November.

Purchases from Ryman using the above link will add to our charity donation total. Thank you for your support.


  1. Yey for discount's!
    Also in the UK WHSmiths are having a 20% off on Filofax's in store and Paperchase online (paperchase.co.uk) are having a Filofax sale too!

  2. I'm reliably told that the cost of a typical leather, filled organiser - boxed "as imported" is around £5-£7.
    Now, of course, there is all the Filofax overheads to add - HQ offices, distribution, sales team, designers, marketing, VAT, returned items, retailer/stockist profit (where not sold directly) etc. etc. to add on top. But that still leaves a LOT of headroom for discounting a product that typically retails at £100!

  3. @ Scoot - I guess a lot depends on whether you have a specific filofax in mind and if it is available at a discount. Some people will happily buy it as and when they want it at the full price if a discount isn't available.

    As far as I am aware there are not too many 9 euro sales - there have been two so far Germany and Sweden, but that doesn't mean they will do it elsewhere (hopefully they will). Also the stock has been limited so not all styles/colours are available and it seems like there is a limited stock of those that are in the sale (hence many disappointed people who ordered).

    There are a lot of expensive Filofaxes on ebay as well - you really have to keep your eyes peeled for a bargain these days!

  4. With respect Scoot, the sales we have been seeing in Germany, Denmark and now Sweden are one off's to celebrate the companies 90th birthday.

    And you only have to look at the number of people in the comments and on Twitter who have not had their order accepted to realise that the number of products available at the low price is very limited.

    With our large audience who can react very quickly to any of these announcements we are overloading their ordering systems every time.

    Within 24 hours or less, they have sold all the popular high value models every time.

    So that is why I keep posting about other offers. OK they might not be so spectacular, but if I was only going to post ones where there is a 90% or more discount you won't get to hear about any of the offers.

    There might be people who like the Cuban and to get 20% off the price is quite a reasonable deal.


  5. Thanks for the heads-up Steve. I don't see why your helpful and informative post should attract moany comments, but there you go.

  6. Hurrah for discounts!!! TK Maxx and Home Sense have a lot of discounted filos at the mo, in the run up to Christmas, at 50% off RRP. Was tempted by a pocket Strata, but didn't buy in the end. Loved the magnetic catch. Filofax should do more magnetic catches. So sleek and chic!!!!

    1. Agreed. Magnetic catches are cool!

  7. Thanks for your info, Steve, helpful as always (even if I'm trying not to buy more) :) I've always got mine in sales or on eBay, but could also understand some one wanting a specific model & paying full price.
    @Butanben - I also love the magnetic catch on my A4 Strata & agree it's a sleek filo.
    Yay for the meet up tomorrow!

  8. Thank you, Steve, from me, too, if it wasn't for your alerts, I'd miss out on some great opportunities for completing my Filofax collection!
    And on the other hand, we always pay way more than their value for things that are even more vital... so why rant about Filofaxes, which are a bit of a spoil anyway? ;)

  9. Three cheers for Steve and his 'enabling alerts'!
    The 9 euro/90kroner things are not likely to come round frequently (since they are celebrating 90 years of filofax) - though maybe in another decase we'll have a number of sales for 10 euro/100 kroner??
    I always like to hear about any of the sales, even though I don't really *need* another filofax. And no, I've never bought a filofax at full price, but that's because fabulous people like Steve tell me about the sales!!

  10. I am always on the look out for these sales even though I don't need another one but you know, just in case ;) I can't wait to see if the UK website will as well! either way I don't mind spending full price on some too if it's one I really want as vanjilla said to spoil myself (or someone special) keep them coming and Thanx!! :)


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