21 November 2011

Philofaxy Meet Up London - November 2011- Photos

So I think I've just about recovered from the walking and talking and eating and drinking yesterday! No sooner did I get off the train I was whisked off for a evening at a friends house, so yesterday's post was put together quite late last night!!

So here are a selection of photos from yesterday's meet up.

Christa, Imy, Tracy

Christa and Imy


Imy and some very pink Smarties!

  Anita, Kate(TPS), Christa
Imy and Tracy

Anja and Adam

Anita and Kate


Old Man Steve!

Baby Mini Malden, Big Brother Pocket Malden, Mummy Personal Malden and Daddy A5 Malden

Thank you to Imy and Anita for the use of some of their photos as well.


  1. It looks like you all had such a fun day. So sorry to miss it..... but thanks for sharing your adventures.

  2. Wonderful photos!!!! Could you please tell us who each person is? I recognize Imy and Steve but am not sure who the others are. Would be nice to put names to faces!

    So glad you all had so much fun!! I'm hoping I'll be able to come to a meet up someday, maybe next year...

  3. Thanks Steve! And I love the Malden Family Photo!!!

  4. I may just have to jet off from NY to do a London meet up!!! LOVE all the filos - The Malden Family is stunning!!!

  5. omg wish there was a filofax store here where i live. although its probably good there isnt as i would go nuts with the credit card! haha

  6. Wish I could join you all one day!
    Just got my 2012 red Domino mini...actually, there is nothing wrong with my 2011 grape mini that I have used all year (wow, did I just say that?) but you know how it is :)
    Hard to believe the mini is working for me! Love it for a quick glance at my week, birthdays, addresses and my to do list...plus it fits in my purse and is not heavy.
    Always love reading this blog and knowing there are other "Filo" addicts out there! :)

  7. Wonderful photos! The Malden family has to, of course, be my favorite! Glad you all had a wonderful day- I'm still holding out for an international meet-up!!!

  8. @J We better start buying lottery tickets... ;)

  9. Wow, great pictures! I especially like the photo of the entire collection with the reflection - it makes it look like there are more Filos than what you actually had. As a member of the New York City meet up, I could call it cheating for numbers. ;) Just kidding of course.

    It sounds like everyone had a great time. So glad it went well. I'm hoping to look into another NYC meet up after the holidays. Stay tuned...

  10. this looks like great fun! thanks for sharing. i feel like i know you all and i've never met any of you. i would so attend a london meet-up if i had the funding - maybe a philofaxy grant or something heh heh

  11. I think this was a fantastic meet up! The utterly mind blowing mound of Filofaxes against the wall is something I could only ever dream of! Here's to the next meet up!

  12. I've only this evening been able to view the photos on a normal large screen monitor (my iMac) and it makes a huge difference compared to my tiny netbook!

    Some great photos though, lots of fond memories too.