16 November 2011

Sketchbook Filofax - Reader Question

One of our readers 'SNARLing' wrote in asking who else uses their Filofax as a combine Filofax and Sketchbook?

I think this is quite a nice idea if you are a creative sort of person. You could choose some suitable paper, or an artists pad that would tuck in to the notepad slot in the back of some Filofax organisers eg Malden, Apex, A5 Finsbury etc and if you had an hour to kill in your day and you suddenly came upon a sketch worthy scene you could sit down and get creative.

To me this is similar in a way my mantra of 'always carry a camera' even if it's just a point and shoot camera.

You can see more of SNARLing Filofax doodles on her Flickr Page.


  1. I thought of doing that! It would be so easy, just cut some sketchbook paper into filofax size (mine would be personal), punch it, and then start drawing! I want to get better at drawing, but I think I'll start off by doodling- I want to make my planner pages look pretty in my filo!
    Lots of people say Moleskines are good for sketchbooks- but a filofax would be even better I think! You could have a planner/lists/sketch book combo!

  2. Hi SNARLing,

    I keep some blank sheets in the filo for quick thumbnail sketches, but I find it very cramped in Personal size, even using a Yard-O-Led pencil.

    As an architect, my preferred media are the afore-mentioned pencil, but also a Pentel Sign Pen (GREY) on a Tervakoski Detail Paper Roll 297mm x 100m.

    This yoke.....

    However, your observational sketches look amazing and are on a different plane altogether. You've got a deft touch with pen and ink- I'm more than a bit envious - and you really must continue

    Regards, Gerard

  3. @ Snarling, Your sketches are beautiful.

  4. I do this too! At the moment I just use a section, but I want to dedicate a whole filofax to it using lots of different media paper - here's my ideas on a post I wrote earlier this year http://www.cathryncook.co.uk/blog/2011/02/filofax-as-a-sketchbook/

    Love your sketches Snarling!!

  5. thanks for posting steve - sorry i'm so behind - i've gone back to school and boy, i don't remember spending THIS much time on homework and projects and stuff...

    tps - doodling is a great start. right now (well until recently) all i've been doind is doodling - trying to experiement with different line in the free 2 or 3 minutes i have each time i think about it. the pocket slimline topaz was better for that for me since it's so small (the size of a small moleskine - but even better since i can customize!) but i have such a problem with having mire than 1 book.. so allowing myself small spaces in my week or day to doodle is great. i love the recent's guest poster on plannerisms - Avrum's Action Journal -



    thanks gerard and mspencil for your support. i asked steve to post something since when i was first getting back into filos i kept looking for sketches in filos - and i found your cat! great - you most blog more although i should talk,,,i'll try and be better about it!!! i am very thankful to have this community - happy thanksgiving guys


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