07 November 2011

What Size Filofax Organisers Do You Own? Poll Result

Thank you to the 247 people that took part in this weeks poll.

We asked the same question two years ago and it was interesting to see how the results compared to then. Like the previous poll on how many Filofaxes people owned,  there was a considerable increase in the number of people taking part so the statistics I think are more representative.

I wondered if we would see a shift in the statistics say from Personal to Pocket, but I'm not convinced that the changes we are seeing in this poll compared to the one two years ago are due to the change in what people are using compared to then.  A rerun next year might be more accurate in terms of trend spotting.

Click on the images to see a bigger version of each one.

Once again many thanks to everyone that took part.


  1. the results seem quite similar really dont they :-) Pocket has risen though :-D

  2. Likewise the Mini, but Personal has decreased slightly... but I don't think a lot of people have moved from Personal to Mini?? !!

  3. The surprise for me is that the 4 has gone up quite a bit from before! Perhaps those who used to use a deskfax are moving over to A4 due to the ease with which they can print and punch their own paper. Shame in some ways as the deskfax is a great size.

    The rise in the mini and pocket is something we could have probably predicted.

    I wonder if Filofax would be interested in these figures to inform their choice of inserts in the future? It seems that the personal size is a shrinking market!

  4. Hmm... stats head on here...
    You asked which ones we owned ("tick as many sizes as you own") not which one was our main filofax. So, I have pretty much every size under the sun, but my main filofax is personal sized... My pocket and mini sit in my desk a bit unused and unloved at the moment.
    Maybe re-run the poll for which is the main one?

  5. Steve, excellent! Amanda's point is interesting. May be you could run the survey as she suggests in 2 or 3 months?

  6. Since the poll was taken I have won an M2 on Ebay... I bet that makes it the "fastest growing" category of the poll.


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