26 November 2011

Filofax 50% off selected lines

I realise a lot of you have already reacted to this, but it was announced during my 36 hours of limited internet connectivity on my trip back to France! Poor excuse I know...

Anyway, take a look at what is on offer, and don't hang about if there really is something you want to buy. Hurry, sale ends 4pm, Thursday 1st December 2011.

Use this link and you will be adding to the Philofaxy Charity Donation...


  1. Huh. So much for filling in the "email me when back in stock" thing on the 50% off the crimson Malden... there they are again. Did Filofax email me?
    Good job I follow Philofaxy!

  2. Amanda, I found one of the messages from Filofax had been trapped as a SPAM message... tut tut Mr GMail!!

  3. Are they trying to ruin us?? *must not buy more filos, must not buy more filos*

  4. Hi, Nellie, thank you for the 'mantra' (Must Not Buy.....;-))but it' s too late........ ;-0. I was thinking about a zipped Cuban for a looooooooong time.....

  5. its been 2 days since i saw 27 dresses again, I have bought a filofax this week starting this filofax every 2 weeks thing oh no xxxx

  6. This is my first post! Thanks to this blog, I became a Filofax addict one month ago when my personal black Adelphi arrived! I now have a teal Baroque and a baby blue pocket piazza on the way! Thanks! ;)

  7. @Steve
    Nope - not even spammed. Maybe because I ticked the box on the page 'last chance to buy' and then the Malden appeared on a separate 50% off page.
    So... shall I buy it? Or will I hold firm to my baroques? Same interior (minus one vertical pocket) as the Malden, lusher interior, matching stitching (I don't like this contrast stitching fashion...)
    But I don't need one and I am knee-deep in 2012 calendars I won't use!


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