01 November 2011

Filofax Festive Gift Sets

Filofax is getting all festive and today have announced the launch of their Festive Gift Boxes:

Each gift set comes with:
  • a pocket-sized personal organiser
  • Filofax Mini Pen
  • luxury gift box with bow

The gift sets are priced between £30-£55 (a 25% saving compared to buying the products individually)

There are only a limited number of each set available so get one ordered today.


  1. :D

    sometimes i almost hate you ^^


  2. Do you have a link to them please? I can't seem to find them in the website?? :)

  3. Click on the advert in the post, it takes you to the page on the FF UK site

  4. Hi icclewu,

    My adblock is not allowing the filofax ad through on Steve's post. Link to offer on site - http://www.filofax.co.uk/search/search.asp?search_string=christmas

    Regards, Lynne

  5. Turn off Adblock and then if you do purchase, the commission will be added to the charity donation...

    Make an exception allow adverts on Philofaxy :-)

  6. Phew - don't like pocket-size and HATE the filofax mini-pen. (Got one free with the Gourmet gift set thing and have used about two words' worth of ink from it. I should/shall probably sell it!). Credit card is safe!

    [Hee hee hee... my word verification is "bumpokes". Sorry - being childish!]

  7. It is great that they have more options this year. Of course I would NOT want the Apex gift set! ;-)

  8. I ordered the Chameleon gift set - the pen it came with never worked.


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