01 November 2011

Free For All Tueday No 39.

We are waiting keenly to answer your questions on this Bank Holiday here in France.... fire away with your Filofax related questions, in English please!!


  1. I wonder--IF ever--when Filofax USA will have a version of the Great German Train Robbery? Will Filofax USA come up with a more diverse variety of gift boxes, or offer Lifestyle Packs? Will there ever be a retina-searing pink organizer for those of us who like brights?

    Why doesn't Turkey have a Filofax retailer?!?!?!

  2. I wanna the German Train Robbery here in the States! Would be nice to have the lined week on two page in cotton cream here too!

    Another thing I wanna say is that I just received the Osterley in Grey today. Loved everything about it except the smell. It smells like odor to me. Wonder if anyone else has the same problem. I'm gonna have to return it.

    The only other leather smell bothered me was my pocket Finchley in vintage rose. I loved the supple leather and the color but the smell is too strong for my nose.

    So far I love the smell of Chameleon line the most.

  3. Bank holiday? You have a Bank Holiday? Enjoy!

    Question of the day...does anyone know of a manufacturer of Filofax inserts who use a decent grade of paper which will take gel and fountain pen ink without the wretched bleed-through engendered by the rubbish paper used by FF themselves? I'm no longer interested in shopping around constantly to find pens which will work with FF's substandard paper products; if FF can't be bothered to make them merchantable, I'm not going to buy them. Any advice appreciated - I'm sure there must be a more upmarket insert supplier out there *somewhere*!

  4. good morning david popely.

    i´m not sure if the paper is for your named purpose, but the first manufacturer comes to my mind is maudie

  5. Diarpell use paper that is fine with fountain pens, but the paper is internationally std in size and therefore not quite that of filofax. They don't need to be re-punched. Lots of sheets to a pack. A turnoff is that many are multi-language though the design is far better than filofax.


    Some versions of inserts also available at Aspinals, though it is more expensive.


    But always far cheaper to make your own (and you control quality) with paper trimmer, hole punch and a ream of decent copier or pads of other paper. I gave up waiting for filofax to change paper, I don't think they care about inserts or the quality of them.

  6. maudiemade and filofax cotton cream will take a fountain pen...

  7. David also consider Quo Vadis

    But I would also favour making your own, you get the right quality paper and the layout/size you really want with no compromises.

  8. @guccee: I've asked the same question of Filofax UK, but obviously they were tight lipped....

    If you don't like the leather smell, a small amount of leather care cream will neutralise the smell over time.

    David it's All Saints Day here in France, a day traditionally that families get together and also the tender the graves of loved ones too.

  9. I know this seems like a strange question, but would it be possible to remove the ring mechanism from a malden (pocket?) Or what are the filos where it is possible to remove the rings? Thanks!

  10. TPS: Sorry I missed your question I think on this from last week....

    A quick guide.. if you can see the rivet heads on the ring mechanism, then it will not be easy to change the rings.

    Older Filofaxes have a plain cover which just unclips you can then remove the rings and replace them with ones of a similar size or bigger.

    I don't think any of the modern era are so easily removed... I can show you this at the meet up in less than 3 weeks time if the above doesn't make sense....


  11. TPS, how much of the binder ring mechanism do you want to remove? Find that old post about somebody disassembling the mechanism in his old Filo. I tried it with a pocket model from either the late '90s or last decade.

    You pop off the top plate, then slide out the rings and tabs. Then on mine, the spring channel thing slid off the slots. Then you're left with the plate inside that's riveted in.

  12. Thanks Steve and KJ, unfortunately my Malden's rings are riveted in so I won't be able to remove them! Never mind!

    Ok, 2nd question: If anyone has both a Flex and a pocket Moleskine, could you tell me if a) a pocket Moleskine fits in the pocket Flex;
    Or if anyone has a 'Slim' Flex, b) what thickness can the 'slim' Flex take at the most- I want to put my Moleskine daily planner (which I use as a notebook) in it, which is 400 pages.

  13. David I would second Steve's recommendation of Quo Vadis inserts. The paper is designed to be fountain pen friendly and the diary layouts are great. Search Quo Vadis here on Philofaxy and see Steve's post about the inserts.

  14. Two questions...

    First is for Mac users. Have you ever seen any Filofax icons?

    Second...I've probably missed it, but is it possible to read those Filofax competition stories?

  15. @Scoot
    Thanks for the diarpell link - not seen them before and the sheets look great. Any idea whether the A5 size (with what looks like multi-fit holes) would need re-punching for the A5 filofax? It looks like probably not. And do you know when they might start selling 2012 stuff? I actually have my 2012 inserts already, but next year I may well put the order in there! I wondered when they would start to sell the new year though (November's kind of late to have to wait for).

  16. Diarpell size is 140mmx215mm, as opposed to A5. They fit Filofax A5 without any problem.

    The previous Aspinal's link has the 2012 diary, though they charge more! Aspinals, like many other retailers, have their inserts or bound diaries made by Diarpell. They do CIAK notebooks also.

    Some of their products are here...


  17. Hello Everyone
    This topic is a little different.
    I have a record collection LPs CDs etc with over 1900 entries on MS Excel. I'd like to have a printed copy in my Filofax Personal. I've tried reducing the font size down to 7pt but cannot reduce the overall number of sheets. At A4 there are 26 sheets in total. Reducing down to the Filofax page 171x95 will increase the number of sheets. I'm sure someone will have a list of their book collection or similar maybe not as many but this will a similar problem.
    Has anybody experienced this little difficulty.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. When there isn't a custom page size available in a program, I use the Scale function to reduce the size of page to print on Monarch size envelopes ... which is so near to personal sized paper that the result is good.

    If re-formatting doesn't help, even printing horizontally, then scaling (also, printing on both sides) appears to be your only options.

  20. Thanks Skoot I'll give it a try

  21. Where can I get some good calender stickers? I've got the filofax ones but I'm not that keen on them.

  22. When you first use a new Filofax with the stiffer cover (i.e. not lie flat), do you go ahead and press the sides down and start training them right away? Or do you have to use them a while to sort of loosen them up then start training? I usually get used Filofax but got myself a new Classic personal recently. If I press the covers flat on the table, the top rings would gape open a little. The rings close tightly otherwise. How do I train this Classic without ruining the rings?

  23. @Lost without you. Accessorize online do some good stickers.Also Google The Market Gallery, Poole. They do thousands of stickers.... I buy mine there. Think they do online orders.They also have a links section to other stickery sites. I got a few at the post office too recently.Smaller the better... as it looks more professional and not like the diary of a 2 year old I find!!! I also use coloured circles from WH Smith, which I label with codes like PO- for post office, eg important letter to post, BH Bank Holiday, etc.Good, as the Filofax ones are expensive. Hope this helps.xx

  24. Thank you, Butanben. I've had a look on accessorize and they all seem to be Christmas stickers at the moment. I typed 'stickers' into the search box on The Market Galley and over 1000 have come up! I have a lot to look through!!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. @Lost Without You. Forgot to say, try to buy flat stickies, as the slightly raised foam type ones interfere with your diary lying flat and can be a nuisance. I bought some lovely birthday present stickers from Accessorize, which have been the handiest of the lot. I also bought some small cake stickers which I use for lunch meetings or coffees out with friends.... again handy and fun!!You can refine your searches by typing in say Birthday Stickers, instead of just stickers...... saves time searching. I also use the Filofax ones, but they can be expensive and are a little small for birthdays especially. Those I need to see in BOLD so that I don't forget them!!!!!xxxx

  27. @tdashna - sounds like my Classic personal was quite similar to yours when I first got it. I just used it for a while & it did eventually start to loosen up. I guess training it would be a bit easier then?


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